Did our American soldiers die for socialism?

No they didn’t.  And I am pretty sure they didn’t die to be used in an absurd political ad geared to inflame an illogical group of right wing zealots either.  Whoever decided to create this ad should first read the book Flags of Our Fathers, and if they still feel this photo is appropriate to be used in a partisan political ad, I guess they should just be slapped.

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3 thoughts on “Did our American soldiers die for socialism?”

  1. Wouldn’t a military pension and VA benefits meet the dictionary definition of socialism? Clearly, the billboard authors thought it was a hypothetical question and were, pardon the pun, dead wrong. In a very literal sense, many soldiers die nowadays for a college education.

    1. I’m sorry David, but FDR was no Socialist! Roosevelt was an avowed Capitalist, dealing with an economy and a population that was threatening the very existence of the United States of America. He and his administration were scared of the unrest building. To save Capitalism, he had to make some changes to support the population. If the New Deal had not come about, the social upheaval growing would have led to a Socialist system by force.

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