Child Poverty on the Rise

According to the Census Bureau, Minnesota dropped seven spots nationally in measurement of child poverty.  It is another indication of our state’s increasing mediocrity related to political decisions.  In 2009, 14% of Minnesota’s children were living in poverty.  In Ramsey County, 27%, more than 1 out of 4 children, are living in poverty.

How do we expect our economic future to be brighter if the next generation is struggling to survive?  Poverty is a generational problem.  The longer we let it go on, the fewer hope there will be for solutions.  We as a community need to intervene.

Children can’t “pull themselves up by their bootstraps.”  They are dependent and impressionable.  They are learning behaviors that will likely keep them in poverty for the rest of their lives.

It’s time for the leaders in our state to begin planning for the future instead of getting by from budget to budget.  As leaders, we need people who will plan for the future.  We need people who realize that a little intervention and a few resources now, will be a significant investment in a strong economy in the future.

Cross-posted at 9/29/2010