I’ve been a candidate for a month now…

I’ve been a candidate for State Senate for about a month now.  I’ve learned a few things. 

  1. Do not assume that people who wish you luck really wish you luck.
  2. Without a circle of rich friends, it is hard to raise a quick $3,000 in $50 increments to qualify for the state campaign subsidy.
  3. There are a lot of lesser known issues that come up when I talk to people.  That’s great, because I need your advice on all the issues important to you to help me become the best candidate.

I am working, listening and learning from people and having a good time.

I’ve been working with Sigrid Iversen, the House candidate in 36B.  She is a great person, witty and enthusiastic.  Pat Garofalo should be worried.  I’ve also been talking to Colin Lee, the House candidate in 36A.  He also has some great ideas.  He’s having a “Had Enough Bull” Buffalo Roast on June 29.  I hope you will attend.

As for my campaign, I just got some letterhead and envelopes and will be sending out a letter soon asking for support.

This Sunday, I will be at the DFL State Central Committee meeting.  Say “hi” if you are there. 

I hope you will take a minute to contribute to my campaign.  I’m looking for that “golden” $50 donations, but I will be just as grateful to you for a $5 or $10 contribution.

To send a donation to Steve Quist for Senate with your credit card using Paypal click the “Make A Donation” button below:

Thank you.