Both Shelley Madore and Dan Powers Will Abide by the DFL Endorsement

There has been a lot of speculation in CD2 that the contest between Don Powers and Shelley Madore would continue past the endorsement at the convention to the primary in August. 

Dan Powers had said he would abide by the endorsement.  Shelley Madore had not answered the question.  She has now.  I received an email last night that simply says Shelley Madore will abide by the endorsement. 

To me that means, the endorsement which seemed to be leaning heavily toward Dan Powers, is up for grabs again.  People like Dan Powers.  He is working hard to win, and I can tell he will work hard right up until November 2.  Shelley Madore has tough campaign experience and can influence people with a single speech. 

We will see what happens.  I’m just glad we will have one person to get behind starting on April 11.  An in-party fight from April to August would have likely been counterproductive to the point of conceding the race the John Kline.  That will not happen now. 

Great news.

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3 thoughts on “Both Shelley Madore and Dan Powers Will Abide by the DFL Endorsement”

  1. Powers seemed like an impassioned Repub during my local caucus. He had an angry persona that quite frankly scared me. As a delegate to State, I will read and listen more, but I do hope he cleans up his act.

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