Short-Sighted Reactionary Rhetoric on the Right

If you do not read The Deets, Ed Kohler’s blog, I highly recommend you check out his last few blog posts about Minneapolis’ tap water advertising controversy. 

MN Republicans are Anti-Tap Water 3/11/10
Minnesota GOP’s Short-Sighted Stance on Tap Water 3/13/10
Tap Water ROI: It’s About the Bottles 3/14/10

Cities Promote Tap Water Because It’s Good Policy 3/15/10

It is a prime example of how I feel so many Republican leaders and strategists are out of touch these days.  They concentrate on rhetoric and reaction, instead of thinking about long term solutions to issues that need to be resolved. 

And the biggest problem isn’t the Republicans, it is that there are too few people like Ed Kohler challenging that reactionary rhetoric on the right.

Whether the issue is healthcare reform, terrorism, climate change, the pre-census letter, or locally the budget crisis, GAMC and even the tap water issue in Minneapolis, Republicans concentrate on the short term effects instead of the long term gain.  And we let that short-sighted thinking dominate conversation. 

Success comes from planning for the future, not just trying to get by today.  We cannot continue to put off solutions today at the expense of the next generation or two.