Jottings and Questions IV

I think I brought this up in the last election, but don’t you think it is odd that John Kline does not have an issues page on his website?  2010 will be his seventh run at congress, and he has nothing.

John Kline has a lot of support from people who call themselves outdoorsman.  It is too bad he is rated as the worst Minnesota Legislator when it comes to issues of clean water and land protection votes.  He and Michelle Bachmann both scored zero in 2009 on 13 votes that would impact outdoors issues.

I listened to a rant the other day by a conservative caller to a radio station talking about how it isn’t good enough to get down to being average in taxes, we need to have even lower taxes to be a prosperous state.  Doesn’t that make us below average?  Am I wrong that if we want to be an above average state we have to invest in that?  The Governor and people like that caller can’t just say we are a great state and expect it be.

When people talk about our taxes and spending do they compare Minnesota to Wisconsin, Michigan and other Midwestern states, or are we comparing Minnesota to states that don’t have to pay for plowing, and the continuous road repairs that cold weather states need?  I’m guessing even Iowa doesn’t spend what we spend on road maintenance, let alone states even further south.  Doesn’t that alone increase our taxes more than other states?

Facebook and Twitter are really bothering me.  It isn’t just all the time I spend on the sights, it’s holding my tongue about what other people write.  A local politician wrote something that could be easily twisted to be used against him.  I didn’t write anything.  I guess that means I just don’t have the killer instinct Michael Brodkorb has.

I like the new blue Dan Powers site.  It is starting to look good as he gears up for the push to challenge John Kline.  You can follow him on Twitter and Facebook too.

Shelley Madore’s site is still pretty bare, but she is active on Facebook too.

Colin Lee and Sigrid Iversen will be running for the House seats in Senate District 36.  Both Colin and Sigrid have social media presence.  And both could use a lot of volunteers and financial support as Colin takes on Mary Liz Holberg and Sigrid challenges Pat Garofalo.


One thought on “Jottings and Questions IV”

  1. Let’s respond to a couple of your observations.

    Mr. Kline doesn’t need an “Issues” page. He is a proud member of the NO faction that currently dominates the Republican Party. NO being a Neo-Con Obstructionist. Wanna talk issues … how about “earmarks” … as a Neo-Con Mr. Kline proudly supported Representative Rob Bishop’s (R-UT) inclusion of “earmark” to produce additional F-22 jets which DOD said were unnecessary since these planes have never been used in Iraq or Afghanistan. Mr. Kline defended the inclusion as a “good jobs program”. Now, when an “earmark” was used to fund the reconstruction of the I-35 bridge, Mr. Kline voted “no” … feeling it was better to “obstruct” the legislation wanting a separate funding bill.
    In the end, no matter the issue, Mr. Kline is Mr. NO.

    Now, onto Minnesota taxes. My initial response is that “Freedom” means that you don’t have to live in Minnesota if you don’t like it here … but somehow, most people like the blue skies, clean waters, good schools, quality healthcare, better-than-average wages and Friendly people … (oh, and we have major league sports teams … one of which likes to remind us that “We like it here”.) For the Republicans, I ask why did the RNC decide to hold their national convention here … and how many northern cities can claim to have hosted a Super Bowl ? In fact, Minnesota has experienced total and brain in-migration (meaning that overall people are moving here .. especially people with college degrees.) Yeah, we got a good place here … Be Proud.
    Yes, Minnesota does have a state budget problem, but so do most other states. One thing that helps us here is that our wages are pretty good …from the US Census Bureau, Minnesota’s average salary was $40,340 which is ahead of our neighbors with Wisconsin at $35,660 and Iowa at $32,340. Now, using those salaries as the taxable amount (I know that is not pure, but it is reflective of each state), in Minnesota if you earned $40,340 the tax rate would be 7.05%; the Wisconsin worker earning $35,660 would pay 6.5% while the Iowan that earns $32,340 rate would be 6.8%. Now, ask yourself this question, would you be willing to pay an additional .55% if it meant that you would earn an additional $4,680 … and is the difference that significant. BTW, looking at the tax rates, you don’t want to live in Iowa … Minnesota tops at 7.85% on earnings greater than $74,650 … compare that to Iowa which has a 7.92% rate over $42,210 that jumps again to 8.98% when the income reaches $63,350. Of course, we can argue and compare sales tax, property taxes, gas taxes, cigarette taxes, corporate taxes, and even “death” taxes, but I suspect that even in the seven states that do not have an income tax, there will still be some people that will complain about taxes.
    Some people are born to grumble.

    Oh, and one more thing to remind people that thanks to Mr. NO … err … Mr. Kline, Minnesota is a donor state … The Tax Foundation rates Minnesota at the bottom tier … # 46 to be presice : “Minnesota taxpayers receive less federal funding per dollar of federal taxes paid compared to the average state. Per dollar of Federal tax collected in 2005, Minnesota citizens received approximately $0.72 in the way of federal spending. This ranks the state 46th highest nationally and represents a decrease from 1995 when Minnesota received $0.78 per dollar of taxes in federal spending (44th highest nationally). Neighboring states and the amount of federal money they received per dollar of federal taxes collected were: North Dakota ($1.68), South Dakota ($1.53), Iowa ($1.10) and Wisconsin ($0.86).

    I will have to check out Powers and Madore’s websites … I wonder if will tell us what We Can’t Have.

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