Statler’s Alter Ego Tom Emmer

We went up north last weekend for a hockey tournament my son was playing in. Because the same teams play the entire weekend, you see the same families in attendance. At this tournament, there was an older gentleman attending who was the spitting image of the Muppet Statler. You know, the old frowning thinner Muppet in the balcony who heckles the other Muppets. This man was tall, well-dressed in a tweed outer jacket and wearing a driving hat, but he had the exact frowning, grumpy looking facial expression, eye brows and shape of his nose as Statler.

When I saw him, I thought of Statler immediately. But Statler isn’t why I remember him. It was the “I’m supporting Tom Emmer” sticker I noticed on his jacket lapel. That made sense. He is who I expect the stereotypical person who supports Tom Emmer to look. Gruff, unhappy, angry, hostile, confrontational, better than everybody else, something like that. This guy looked like he was about to yell at anybody who annoyed him. I got the impression he could sense children in his neighborhood hundreds of miles away playing in his yard.

Then I had to laugh, because I started to think that Tom Emmer on the house floor is a little like Statler. He often appears to be frowning, maybe a little grumpy, even angry, sounds a little sarcastic, even when he doesn’t mean to. I can see him up in the booth next to Waldorf filling in for Statler yelling at Fozzie Bear for being dumb, that is if that old guy at the hockey tournament isn’t asked first.

Here is a little example of Emmer’s gruffness, and this video is from a couple of young conservatives…

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