If John Kline isn’t willing to show up and make a difference, oust him.

We should be happy.  We have the opportunity to talk to Congressman Kline this week.  President Obama asked John Kline to meet with him to talk about the future of healthcare reform, but it looks like Kline and other Republicans are going to turn the President down.

Republicans are suspicious that President Obama’s invitation to discuss healthcare is some sort of a plot to make them look bad.  Doesn’t it seem bad to say no to a discussion about a topic that is important to both sides simply because they are afraid of Obama?

I doubt the two DFL candidates vying to take on John Kline would say no to a meeting to discuss the future well-being of the people of the United States.  DFL candidate Dan Powers has regularly expressed a willingness to meet with any and all people to make a difference in Washington.  His opponent for the DFL endorsement, Shelley Madore, has a proven record of meeting with people and getting things done.  Both of them have been very open to ideas people have given them, and I believe would do a great job of representing the district.

There are a couple blog postings out in the blogosphere discussing Kline’s unwillingness to aid the district. 

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This Friday at Faribault High School, 6:30 pm, residents of CD2 have the opportunity to give John Kline a message.  We can tell him we want him to meet with the President.  We want somebody who is open to new ideas, not somebody who dismisses ideas based on the ideology of the person who proposes the idea.  And we want a representative who can help the district, the state and the nation.

If he is not willing to show up and make a difference, then we need to oust him in favor of Shelley Madore or Dan Powers.

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2 thoughts on “If John Kline isn’t willing to show up and make a difference, oust him.”

  1. Obama didn’t reach across the aisle until he lost his 60-vote super-majority. I think that’s very telling as to his real motives here. He’s only “reaching across” because he’s been forced to, not because he genuinely thinks it’s in America’s best interest.

  2. There is one other “blogger” that should be cited.
    He writes “As President Obama prepares to deliver his first State of the Union address, many Americans are speculating about what he will say to reassure a nation struggling with economic and job insecurity. …
    First and foremost, I would like to hear the President articulate his commitment to working with leaders from across the political spectrum to put the needs and desires of the American people front and center. Since taking office with a pledge to change the tone in Washington, the President has too often opted for a go-it-alone strategy – the consequences of which have been an ineffective non-stimulus package and a wildly unpopular plan to put the government in control of health care.
    I also would like to hear the President talk about a new direction for health care reform – and I know I am not alone.

    That blogger calling for the President to work “across the political spectrum” is John Kline … and that was just last month.

    This is not a surprise … remember Kline declined First District Representative Tim Walz’s invitation to hold healthcare forums in both districts.

    And going back to previous campaigns, Kline has avoided engaging Democrats in debates. Case in point : FarmFest is the largest outdoor agricultural tradeshow and educational event in the upper Midwest and a Congressional debate was held for Minnesota candidates. Democrat incumbents Tim Walz and Colin Peterson were there. AWOL were Republicans John Kline and Michele Bachmann. Walz had to confront two Republicans who had a primary scheduled in September while Peterson faced his challenger. Democrats Steve Sarvi (seeking Kline’s seat) and Elwyn Tinklenberg (Bachmann’s challenger) were there.

    What is Kline afraid of ? After all, early on he said that there was bi-partisan agreement on 80% of the healthcare reform legislation … yet, we know that may be technically a true statement, but the devil is in the details. For example, is denial of pre-existing conditions a problem … most everyone would agree … except read page 145 of the Republican plan … it calls for a study …. Or how about the ability to purchase health insurance across state lines … caution better read page 129 and you learn that the policy is “not subject to all of the consumer protection laws or restrictions on rate changes of the state.” What that means is that an insurer will find the state with the minimum standards required and make that it’s policy … hence it will sell that weak policy to unsuspecting individuals.

    There are a lot of reasons why Kline would be afraid to go … but that is his assignment the GOP gave him. Sadly, Kline is not being invited because of his expertise or passion for this issue … no, his invitation is because they invited the George Miller the Democrat Chairman of the Education Committee … and since Kline is the Ranking Republican, he gets the invite … they are inviting the position not the person.

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