Secret (Special Interest) Squirrel – John Kline

Note:  I inadvertently published this post when it was merely intended to be saved as a draft.  Several people read the post before it had been finalized.  If you read it previously, it may have changed a little, but the basic message and content is the same.  In fact I only added to it, I did not delete anything.


I started my last post with a quote from a great Democratic president.  Here is another one:

“The Democratic Party is the people’s party and the Republican Party is the party of special interest and it always has been, and always will be!”

That was from Harry Truman’s 1948 presidential nomination acceptance speech.

I love that quote.  Nearly 62 years later it still rings true.  That quote does a fine job of characterizing my congressman.

Congressman John Kline claims he is against “pork,” which to me means special interests, but he isn’t.  He is perfectly happy supporting military special interests, insurance industry special interests, big oil special interests, banking special interests and any other corporate special interest that supports the GOP.  The only special interest he seems to be against are the special interests of the people in the Second Congressional District.

The unfortunate part of his love of special interests is that we seldom get a chance to confront him on the issue.  He is generally unwilling to meet constituents unless they are already proven loyal.  He likes to keep his appearances secretive until after the event.  Think about how often you have had a chance as a citizen he represents to meet him?  If you are on the special list of Republican supporters who meet in secret, I’m sure you get plenty of opportunities.  I don’t get that opportunity.

I could have met him Saturday if I wanted to.  On my way home from the Farmington Library, I passed a tan Suburban pulling into my church parking lot.  As I passed I looked to see if I knew the people in the truck.  Lo and behold, the passenger in the Suburban was John Kline.  I even pulled into the next entrance to make sure I wasn’t wrong.

Clad in a grey wool trench coat, John Kline was walking into the church with the young driver.  I should have stayed to see why he was there, but I didn’t want to assume it was a political event.  I went home to do a web search to see what kind of meeting it was.  There is nothing on the web.

He is in town, why isn’t he making an effort to meet with his constituents.  Funny, when I mentioned he was in Farmington, the comment I heard wasn’t why is he in Farmington, it was why is he in Minnesota?  I’m guessing he is making a point to visit the returning Red Bulls.  After all, he needs to project that military support image despite his record in the House.  But why does John Kline seem so secretive about where he plans to go or even when he visits Minnesota?  Other congressmen like Tim Walz have a list of events on their web pages.  John Kline has nothing.

Not only is he a member of the party of “NO”, he says “NO” to constituent contact on a regular basis.  We need to say “NO” to him.

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4 thoughts on “Secret (Special Interest) Squirrel – John Kline”

  1. Is there a Democrat you don’t like or a Republican you like? I just don’t understand your undying hatred of Republicans and love of Democrats. It seems to me that this kind of partisanship is half of our nation’s problem to begin with.

    1. Joey, I respect your opinion. Based on what I know of you, I think you are a common-sense and intelligent individual, which is why I’m surprised at that abrupt, maybe even irrational statement. I think you will be hard pressed to find any hatred in my writing, and equally, if not more hard-pressed to find any undying love of Democrats in general. True, I believe over the last 8-10 years that Democrats have done a far better job of representing the rights of American individuals and have acted in far better interest of the United States than Republicans, but identification with a party does not make me a bobo for it.

      I happen to think John Kline is a poor representative. That is an opinion, and I write about that. If you read hatred into that, I’m not sure what to say. Would I love to see him defeated? Absolutely. Is John Kline a horrible person? No. Well actually, I’ve never met him so I don’t know, but you generally don’t get to his position in life by being a jerk.

      Partisanship is no more a problem than it was 100 or 200 years ago. You were a history major right? You should know that. Partisanship was huge in the past. The problem today is that fewer people overall are involved, so far left and far right thought gets more airtime. That is exactly why I got involved to begin with. I don’t agree with everything in the DFL platform, and although I have not read it, I’m sure I agree with parts of the GOP platform. I think the issue is maintaining a little common-sense, and I think a voice involved in the party and a blog does a decent job of doing that.

  2. Well, I don’t hate John Kline either.

    “Loathe” might fit. “Detest” You bet!

    But, that’s only because I’m very familiar with John Kline’s atrocious record concerning veterans.

    Well, and how John Kline franked me, even though I’m not a constituent.

    I’m betting John Kline never paid the Taxpayers back, for mailing stuff he shouldn’t have – at taxpayer expense….

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