John Kline Protecting What?!?

“The Republican’s sinful selfishness has given our country a period of loose thinking, descending morals, an era of selfishness…Republican leaders not only failed in material things, they have failed in national vision, because in disaster, they have held out no hope, they have pointed no path for the people below to climb back to places of security and of safety in our American life.”

Doesn’t that sounds like something President Barack Obama might have said in the last year. The quote is actually almost eight decades old. In 1932, Franklin Delano Roosevelt made that statement accusing the Republicans of creating an economy that helped a favored few to the detriment of the individual.

I’m not sure anything has changed in the last 80 years. Republicans have fought to protect corporate rights over the rights of individuals on a regular basis. I’m talking environmental issues, health issues, tax issues, labor issues, energy issues, and I could go on.

And who has “failed in material things” and “failed in national vision” over the last decade more in this state than Congressman John Kline? I know it is a toss up between Governor Pawlenty and John Kline, but Michelle Bachmann hasn’t even reached the level of failure John Kline has.

John Kline recently sent out a mailing that states in bold, large letters “Congressman John Kline Protecting Minnesota’s Economy and Jobs.” I’d love to hear from him so he could tell me exactly what he has done to protect Minnesota’s economy and jobs.

Wasn’t he in congress supporting the economic and foreign policies that despite the recent upturn, still threaten to send us into a second Great Republican Depression? What has he done? He has joined the “NO” chorus on the Right opposing anything that might improve the economy or create jobs.

Apparently John Kline prefers to protect Minnesota’s Economy and Jobs the same way Republicans did in 1929, by sitting on his hands and seeing what happens. I’ll tell you what John Kline, I am no economic genius or any sort of policy wonk, but I know in the real world if you sit on your hands and refuse to do anything when change needs to occur, things are just going to get worse. Thanks for protecting us John Kline.

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