Shelley Madore officially enters the CD2 race

Since I was off work today, I decided to stop by Shelley Madore’s announcement that she is officially entering the race to challenge John Kline.  The announcement was held at the Eagan Community Center. 

I recognized a few faces in the crowd, among them, Representatives Sandy Masin (38A) and David Bly (25B), Roberta Gibbons (Candidate in 37) and former congressional candidate Teresa Daly.

Shelley’s campaign manager Nick Conti-Masanz started the meeting, followed by Sandy Masin, David Bly and Teresa Daly, who all said a few nice words. 

Shelley then made a short statement:

“Today I am announcing that I will run for Congress in Minnesota’s Second Congressional District.

As a former state representative, longtime community activist, businesswoman and parent, I understand the issues in our district.  I’m ready to fight to bring jobs and economic security back to the hardworking people and families here in Minnesota and I need your support.

We need a strong leader who will work with other members of congress to bring jobs back to our community.

We need a strong leader who will create opportunities for workers to gain the skills they need to compete in this new economy.

And we need a strong leader who realizes that education is an ongoing commitment because the world does not stop changing once we graduate.

I am that leader.  My name is Shelley Madore and I am running for congress.”

A couple of notes:

  • For all of you that end Modore with a long e, it ends like “door.”
  • I like the green signs.  Both simple and economical.
  • Finally, I like Shelley.  I think she has the skills and the presence to give John Kline a fight that he probably has not had in recent elections.  Rowley and Sarvi were fine candidates, and would have been great in congress, but Shelley has run in tough campaigns, has run through the type of crud Kline and his supporters will likely throw at her, and she seems ready for it.

2 thoughts on “Shelley Madore officially enters the CD2 race”

  1. Oh, and I wish I was able to go today. My daughter headed back to the U of M today, and we had last minute things to do/get. Chaotic day.

    Rep Bly’s bday was just the other day. I wonder how he’s doing. Love that guy.

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