To have one’s cake doughnut and eat it too – RETRACTED

I had to remove this post. I didn’t read the original article as tongue-in-cheek reporting. So my article really makes no sense. Well it makes sense, but at the wrong person’s expense.

Here is the original article from Politics in Minnesota. I still don’t catch the humor in his comment, but..

Sorry Rep. Juhnke. He posted this reponse:

This was a ‘humorous’ piece…you don’t recognize that? Oh my.

(Plus, food for DFL caucus retreats is NOT paid for by state funds. Never has been. It is purchased with our own money. Oh my.)


2 thoughts on “To have one’s cake doughnut and eat it too – RETRACTED”

  1. The PIM reporter was chuckling the whole time we were discussing this ‘pressing’ issue. It is perhaps more inside baseball than most pick up on. I suppose it could have been written a bit better to reflect that sentiment.

    Go DFL!

  2. Thanks for the response to both posts Rep. Juhnke. Keep in mind I was alerted to the story, so I am probably not the only one who took your response in the story to be a little disconnected. Ignoring your slightly condescending comment about “inside baseball” that seems to be suggesting I might not understand all this political stuff, the fact is that story was still on the front page of Politics in Minnesota today. I’m sure there are people without blogs who also read it annoyed by the belief that politicians feel they are entitled to additional perks. By the way, I wasn’t saying the State paid for the treats. I wrote about the impression a person might take away from legislator complaining about supplied doughnuts when you receive what many consider to be excessive per diems at the same time we have a $1.2 billion dollar crisis. We do pay your per diem.

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