Lakeville Accident Family In Need

I didn’t know the family personally, but Shirley Iverson, Deb Buhmann and Lexi Iverson were members of my church at Farmington Lutheran Church.  I couldn’t imagine if something happened to my wife and kids.  Just the thought of it makes get that tight feeling in my stomach and tear up.

If you are able to, there are two ways to help the families financially.  Anchor Banks are accepting donations to help the families.   Also, Dave Ryan and KDWB are helping to raise money to buy a new car for the father and the surviving children.  The car involved in the accident was the family’s only car.  Click here to help Dave Ryan and KDWB help the family a little.



Update: KDWB is still taking donations, but had rasied over $30,000 when they announced what was happening on the Thursday morning show.