CD2 Executive Committee Meeting – December 8, 2009

I’m a little late with posting this, but the DFL 2nd Congressional District Executive Committee met Tuesday December 8, at Burnhaven Library.  It was the night of the “blizzard” last week.  At 6:30, there were only nine members in attendance (That did not count me, I am not a committee member) but within a few minutes of the scheduled start time there was a quorum.  And by 6:45, there were probably about 20 people there.

Weather probably played more of a factor than just causing lateness.  Tom Bakk was scheduled to speak, but car troubles led to his absence.  Shelley Madore, the new candidate for congress was expected to make an appearance, but she didn’t make it.  To make things even worse, the person who brings the sweet treats didn’t make it.  But the meeting went fast, and it sounds like Tom Bakk will speak in February.

The business meeting started with a discussion of the budget approval process at the State DFL meeting.  It sounds like that was very smooth.  There was also a discussion about a motion to amend the DFL bylaws to allow districts to elect state meeting representatives before conventions.  Unfortunately, I was listening to the explanation, not taking notes, so I can’t elaborate adequately.  If you want to know more, talk to a person in attendance at the meeting.  I can suggest some names if you are really interested.

The most interesting exchange came about during a discussion that involved a request for CD2 to aid Senate Districts with a purchase of software.  There are districts within CD2 that are well organized and well funded, and there are districts that are not.  My own SD36, among others, is one that is not.  On the other hand, SD38 is well organized and decently funded.  There might be a little disconnect among well organized and well funded district members as to exactly how big the differences are.  I’m not sure if it is organization leadership, or if it is a history of losing that keeps people from donating or being involved.  I suspect it is a combination.  It can be hard to justify a $50 donation to a local candidate who might struggle to get 30% of the votes, instead of a competitive state candidate.  And it is hard to stay motivated when you continue to lose despite hard working, well qualified candidates.  But it also takes a leader with a vision to change things, and a plan to raise cash, before you can be competitive.  It is something we need to work on across CD2, and the “well-off” districts need to be supportive.  It was interesting, and hopefully it will change.

I think most people would find these meetings dull.  I think it is an interesting snapshot of the workings of the DFL.  If you think it might be interesting, and you ever want to see it first hand, join me as an observer.  It is sad, but I am there more often than some of the members.  Another person willing to listen and get involved would be great.  The next meeting will be Tuesday January 5, at Burnhaven Library from 6:30 to 8:15.  Note that this is not the normal second Tuesday of the month.  If you want to meet me there and talk, email me.

Other events coming up:

 SD36 Executive Committee and Central Committee Meeting is January 14, 2010, at 6:30 p.m.  Location is to be determined.  Check the SD36 website for updates

 DFL Precinct Caucus night is February 2, 2010.