Primary dates and “whine and waste” Republicans

Last legislative session, DFLers proposed a law to move the Primary Election date from September to August.  Republicans opposed the bill because they couldn’t attach an amendment to the bill that required voters present a photo ID before they vote.  I’m sure Tom Emmers whined a lot during the debate on that bill.  The bill passed with voting divided along party lines.  Gov.  Pawlenty promptly vetoed the bill because “it had no Republican support.”

This legislative season, the bill will be proposed again.  It won’t be proposed because the DFL just wants to try again.  It will be proposed again because Minnesota needs to comply with a new federal requirement that a certain time window be allowed to ensure people who want to vote with absentee ballots, mainly soldiers in the field of battle, have the ability to vote. 

(I am going to make a snarky comment here:  Once again the Democrats are making it easier and encouraging more people to vote.  I have an old post about my feelings on photo ID voting.)

So now, the legislature has to spend more time on an issue that should already be resolved because of a whiney partisan argument by a party that relishes opposition more than solutions. 

It is a waste of time and money.  The “tax and spend” mantra is still recited on the right.  I would like to propose “whine and waste” be used to describe republican legislators.


One thought on “Primary dates and “whine and waste” Republicans”

  1. May I suggest a monthly award for Best Whine and Waste ?

    I know it’s only November 7th, but my nomination is for MN-GOP chairman Tony Sutton for filing a formal complaint with the Campaign Finance and Public Disclosure Board against Chris Coleman for running for Governor without establishing a formal committee. The Board ruled yesterday that four findings were not a problem and only that “There is probable cause to believe that Mayor Coleman spent personal funds in support of his candidacy for Governor, and that the amount of those funds exceeded $100.” was deemed to be a problem.
    OK, so how nit picky is this complaint ? Coleman drove his car to some forums and paid for his own gasoline expense out of his pocket.
    Oh, yeah, Coleman has announced that he is not a candidate for Governor.
    Is this a major problem … or a Whine ?
    And what a Waste of resources to investigate the compalint.
    For the year ending June 30, 2009, the Board reviewed a grand total of 32 complaints … and remember that was during an active election season.
    I am afraid that this might be the tactic of the MN-GOP leadership under Sutton … Waste and Whine.
    They may have gotten some press out of this but at what cost. I don’t know if Coleman was even fined.

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