The Most Important Election in 2010

2010 is a big election year.  True, there is not a presidential vote, and without a senatorial election, turnout will be lower and the big media will likely ignore most of the state’s campaigns.  But for the DFL, 2010 is huge.  And I mean HUGE in the way Darrell Hammond playing Donald Trump on Saturday Night Live says “huge.”

Obviously, the headline grabbing election will be the governor’s office.  I expect a DFL governor to be elected.  Of course I am a Vikings fan, so I always maintain a sense of impending doom in these situations.  But also, the 2010 elected legislature will deal with redistricting while trying the wrangle in the billions of dollars needed to keep the state running.

As important as those votes are, we can’t forget about the other three constitutional officers.  2010 is an election year for Secretary of State, Attorney General and State Auditor.  The GOP has already begun general campaigns against Lori Swanson and Mark Ritchie.  I’m not sure there are any declared candidates running against Lori Swanson, but so far Mark Ritchie looks to have a challenger.  Dan Severson, State Representative from Sauk Rapids. 

Severson filed his campaign registration earlier this month.  I admit I don’t know much about Dan Severson.  There is a disturbing post I read about his previous website on a progressive blog, but all I know about him is he is for No Child Left Behind and against Stem Cell Research.  That is enough for me to see he lacks common sense. 

I’m not sure what qualifies him to be Secretary of State, but I do know I do not want Mark Ritchie to lose.  I believe Mark Ritchie has returned the honesty and integrity to the Secretary of State’s office that Minnesota has lacked since Joan Growe stepped down.

As important as the Governor’s race seems to be, the most important race is to protect the voting integrity of our state, and Mark Ritchie will do that.


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  1. I actually think the AG race is more important than the state auditor race. Our democratic AG has served only one term, and she’s already busted a union in her own office. Over half of the attorneys in the office have quit, and the legislative auditor confirmed that Lori Swanson ordered attorneys to do things like falsify affidavits in order to generate positive press. The republicans could have a field day if they run a moderate AG candidate, and quite frankly, our party deserves to lose the AG seat after the way we’ve all decided to turn a blind eye to Swanson’s wrongdoings.

  2. No doubt that Mark Ritchie is in the crosshairs and it will be interesting to see who the newspapers endors. In 2006, he dominated … even getting the highly conservative New Ulm Journal. This time, he will be judged as an incumbent and on his record.

    There will be criticisms – mostly over the US Senate election. Voters will have to be reminded that the recount was performed in a very transparent process and the legal rulings resulted in virtually unanimous decisions by judges that included Pawlenty appointed judges. In my discussions with county election officials, they were very pleased with the process … and that’s an endorsement that I want to hear.

    It should be pointed out that the election process is not a one day event … in fact, Ritchie’s office is still seeking to prosecute people for voter fraud. Just last month, in Blue Earth County, Shawn Scott Deatley was charged. Deatley was convicted of burglary in 2005 but registered at the polls and voted on Election Day. Is this Ritchie’s fault – NO — is this Governor Pawlenty’s fault – maybe – he vetoed the legislation that would have given county election officials access to the information concerning felons who reside in the county. But Ritchie’s office caught it after the fact. Blue Earth County may have had only one charged, but Ramsey County had 23 — 10 of those registered and voted, and 13 registered but did not vote. In Dakota County, 95 cases are being investigated. Yet, this example of the Secretary of State doing the job despite the Governor impeding his ability will not get the attention that the false allegations of a stolen election are continuously repeated.

    That stated, you bring up the valid question … what is Dan Severson’s qualifications … or agenda for the office ? Well, he is a co-sponsor of HF 57. This legislation would create Voter Identification Cards … provided that you can get to the one office in your county to prove your residency and have a picture taken. The ID will include a variety of personal information including date of birth and weight … which some voters may not want to have to show to election judges who under this legislation are required to review. The elderly and handicapped will no doubt have an opinion.
    NOTE : If either Marty Seifert or Tom Emmer is the gubernatorial nominee to represent the MN-GOP, this legislation should be discussed since they are also listed as sponsors.

    But to win an election, a candidate needs to either have a good agenda or a strong base. One group that most likely will support Severson is the religious community. Dan and Cathy Jo are Governing Elders at the Jubilee Worship Center … actually, Severson’s wife, may be better known as Chaplain Cathy Jo.

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