What are Republicans For?

What exactly are Republicans for? I’m not asking it like they don’t deserve to be on the earth. I’m just saying there are a lot of things they are against, but what are they for?

Democrats are for cheaper more efficient health insurance with coverage for the 45 million people without health care coverage. Republicans are against a public option.

Democrats are for a restriction in the release of greenhouse gas emissions using a program called cap and trade, capping the amount of greenhouse gasses being released, and providing businesses that are able to meet the clean air requirements early, the ability to make some money by selling their emission permits. Republicans are against cap and trade because it could harm the economy.

Democrats are for providing services and income when people lose their job or encounter a physical or mental problem that prevents them from living life at an adequate level. Republicans are against welfare.

It’s all perception. A simple word reversal should correct it. What are Democrats against and what are Republicans for?

Democrats are against letting people die because they didn’t get basic or early medical treatment. Republicans are for limiting the type of health insurance coverage an American can have based on the job they have, and for allowing insurance company accountants to decide if a person can be treated for an illness, even if they supposedly have coverage. Republicans are also for letting the people who don’t have insurance go to emergency rooms for basic medical care which we pay for, not the person without coverage.

Democrats are against the release of greenhouse gasses into the environment. Republicans are for the release of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere so that a CEO can take home a bigger bonus.

Democrats are against poverty. Republicans are for people pulling themselves up by the bootstraps and getting themselves out of the mess they are in, just like all their grandfathers did. Despite the reason they are mired in poverty, it is their own fault.

Anti-Premature Death
Anti-Greenhouse Gas

Pro-Accountant Run Healthcare
Pro-Polluted Atmosphere

Let’s be honest. Republicans are anti-environment, anti-compassion and anti-individual. They are pro-business, pro-business and pro-business.


4 thoughts on “What are Republicans For?”

  1. Let me pose a couple questions for your readers to ask themselves.

    1. Who thinks about today and tomorrow ? Versus who only thinks about today ?
    2. Who is concerned about a tax structure that is focused on fairness ? Versus providing tax breaks to create deductions to minimize the payment of taxes ?
    3. Has your elected representative participated in well-publicized open forums and discussions of proposed policies and obtained your input ? Versus appeared at closed to the public events (i.e. Chamber of Commerce meetings) ?
    4. Which party seeks to serve all people regardless of ethnic origin, gender, religion, sexual orientation, etc ?
    5. Should Social Security and Medicare be privatized ?
    6. What is the role of diplomacy in foreign policy ? Should military expenditures be made via normal budgeting process or through supplemental authorizations ?
    7. What is the government’s responsibility to our veterans ?
    8. Is America’s future energy source wind and solar ? Versus nuclear, coal, or oil ?
    9. What roll should your members of Congress (House and Senate) be involved with making sure that your tax dollars that are sent to Washington return to Minnesota in federal projects ?
    10. How much time do you want your representatives in Congress addressing : ACORN, illegal immigration, abortion, guns, steroids, death taxes ?

  2. the republicans are now the purest example of a reactionary party
    they see America moving away from religious superstition and so embrace the radical christian right

    away from a white majority culture so they shrink the base and alienate all others

  3. I was a lifelong Democrat until 2001. At about that time, I felt the Democrats became nothing more than a party of opposition, with very few ideas for governing. They were opposed to Social Security privatization, but had no plan to reform Social Security. They were suddenly opposed to free trade agreements, despite a long history of support for such agreements. They morphed into a party that was anti-business. They were no longer the party of Bill Clinton. Sadly, I became an independent.

    You raised three issues in your article. On health care, the Democrats have proposed an expansion of entitlements at a time when our economy cannot support such an expansion. They put the cart before the horse, in that they have proposed expansion of services, but provided nothing that would reduce medical costs nor make the provision of medical care more efficient.

    On cap and trade, the Democrats have proposed legislation that would have minimal effect on global greenhouse gas emissions, but would cause energy bills to increase substantially. Why propose legislation that would hurt our already weakened economy, before getting international acceptance of a coherent policy on greenhouse emissions.

    And on the subject of welfare, I believe that issue was more or less settled back in the nineties. Bill Clinton and a Republican Congress forced reforms of the system. Are you implying that Democrats should undue the work of Bill Clinton? Isn’t personal responsibility coupled with an adequate safety net sufficient? Why incent people to be unproductive? I would hope that both parties are pro-business, since businesses create jobs. Surely Democrats are not opposed to job creation.

    Hopefully, at some point in the very near future, our government will be run by men and women of principle who put aside this partisan nonsense, of which your article is a fine example.

    1. I’m not sure I understand your claim about 2001. In 2001, the Democrats were the minority in the house and senate. The Republicans were proposing bills that were contrary to everything Democrats believe in. As a life long Democrat, how could you have changed then? I’m not sure voting two times for Bill Clinton counts as a life long Democrat.

      Additionally, the Democrats have been the party proposing solutions to problems. What did the Republicans do during that time? They lowered taxes on the richest Americans, started an ill advised war while taking away resources from a war we were already fighting and top it off, led us into the worst financial crisis since the great depression. By the way, practically every major legislation in history that has improved the lives on Americans has been a Democratic proposal. Democrats are continually being elected to correct the problems of Republicans, then inexplicably we give them another chance at a national and state level based on buzzword politics, only to allow them to bring us to the verge of collapse again.

      I think that my posts are common-sense. I do not disagree that they are left-leaning, but I am not a blind follower of the Democratic party nor do I support its platform wholeheartedly. I do however care about the future a lot more than today, and healthcare reform, clean air and poverty are real problems that affect a huge number of people in the United States. None of those issues should be partisan.

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