CD2 Central Committee Meeting – September 8, 2009

The September 8, 2009 2nd Congressional District Central Committee Meeting started a little late after some room reservation issues on the library’s part.  It was resolved after the other group that was double booked agreed to give up the room in exchange for a tray of CD2’s treats.

Because of the mix-up, the CD2 meeting started 15 minutes late.  It began with the reading of the Affirmative Action Statement, which is read at all meetings when an election will be held.  Two elections were scheduled.  The first election was to fill the vacated position of Female Alternate to the State Constitution Commission.  Two candidate names were placed before the group for nomination.

Sidenote: Now is a good time to point out an observation.  I expected the meeting group to be larger than normal with the election of a new Associate Chair and the speech scheduled by Margaret Anderson Kelliher.  That said the group was not significantly larger.  There were few, if any people I did not recognize from previous meetings.

Back to the first election…

Since I am not a member of the CD2 central committee, I did not get to vote.  I was asked to collect and count the ballots.  Because of the counting duty I missed several of the announcements which were made.  In the end, a person who has been active with the DFL since 1980 won the election.  However, I don’t want to publish her name without permission from the winner or CD2.

The announcements I think I missed were that the CD2 Convention will be held on April 10, 2010 and the CD2 Classic Fundraiser will be held on August 1, 2010.  But don’t quote me on it, head to the CD2 website for details.

The next item on the agenda was the election of the new CD2 Associate Chair, replacing the late Ken Beck.  Three people were nominated for the position.  All three candidates have been active and are known within CD2.

Sidenote: One of the reasons I cover these meetings is because when I was first looking at getting involved, I didn’t know what went on with the local DFL.  I didn’t know if I could show up to a meeting.  I didn’t know what to expect if I went.  I really didn’t know anything.  What I wanted was a little more information.  I finally contacted the CD2 Chair, and when I realized it was an open meeting, I just showed up.  The point of these ramblings is to provide a little knowledge for the person unsure of whether to get involved.

Back to the second election…

The process for the elections allowed each of the three nominees to be given five minutes to introduce themselves.  The introductions were followed by several questions from the central committee body, with two minute responses by each candidate.  Then the vote was taken.  The winner needed to win with at least 50% of the vote, and on the first ballot, Alan Benson was elected to take over the term remaining as Associate Chair.

One thing that I would really like to note is that two of the candidates talked about getting the precinct chairs more involved.   I hope that happens.

A couple of CD2 Director positions might need to be filled in the coming meetings.  Stay tuned, like I said, I missed several announcements.

The meeting was capped with a quick presentation by Speaker Margaret Anderson Kelliher.  Every time I hear the Speaker, I am more impressed.  In my opinion, she is by far the best speaker of the DFL candidates, heck, she is the only Speaker – (rim shot) Thank you folks, I’ll be here all week – but seriously, her oratory skill, physical presentation, knowledge and confidence really stand out among the candidates.

Kelliher stressed that the next governor will be elected with only 12 weeks (from the election) to produce a good budget to stabilize the state.  She talked about how she can relate to both rural and urban Minnesota, growing up on a farm and living in the cities.  The one knock I heard was standard political speak.  She was asked a question about the Minnesota Health Plan.  She said she was “analyzing” it still.  She did go on to explain her reasoning, and her reasons are valid.  But I don’t like the use of the phrase analyzing still.  There has been plenty of time to “analyze” it.  I would prefer a straight-up answer followed by the explanation, rather than a vague answer like she is analyzing it.

Still, I was very impressed.  Margaret Anderson Kelliher really needs to be considered among the top few candidates to gain the nomination.

Speaking of candidates.  Paul Thissen and John Marty will be participating in the mnpACT! governor Candidate Forum this Friday in Burnsville.  Check out the mnpACT! website for more details.


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