2010 – The year we change SD36 from reliably Republican

Smart Politics, the blog from the University of Minnesota’s Center for the Study of Politics and Governance, ranked the most reliable DFL and Republican districts in Minnesota. District 36A (Rep. Mary Liz Holberg) is listed as the 9th most reliable Republican district in the state. Republicans in 36A have won with an average margin of victory of 28.1% since 2002. District 36B is listed as the 24th most reliable Republican district. That includes current Rep. Pat Garafalo and former Rep. Steve Strachan.

History indicates the area that today makes up District 36 is a tough area for DFLers to win. In a very quick search on the state legislative page, I found only two DFLers elected to the House since the 1970s from towns that make up today’s district. They were Jim White, 1975-1978, and Bob Jensen, 1975-1988.

So far, there is only one declared candidate challenging Mary Liz Holberg in 36A — Colin Lee. There are no declared candidates for 36B or for Senate 36. If you are interested or have an idea for a candidate willing to work to change our district’s history, contact the chair of SD36, Toby Nichols.

The next District 36 meeting is scheduled for Oct. 15. Come to the meeting and get involved to elect a DFLer from 36. Keep checking back here or the SD36 website for more information.