John Kline to meet the public? No, just businesses.

CD2 Congressman John Kline will meet the public.  Well select members of the public — rabble keep out!

Congressman John Kline will be at the Met-Con Companies Construction building in Faribault, Thursday, August 20, from noon to 1:00 pm for a scheduled one-hour meeting with members of the Faribault Chamber of Commerce.  Chamber members only, the public is not invited.

I was skeptical that Congressman Kline would actually hold a face to face meeting with the public.  I was wrong.  True, it is the business community, and excludes commoners like me, but at least he is meeting.  Chances are that not every Chamber member in Faribault is bringing along their checkbook to make a donation.  I’ll be curious to see if I can find any reports from the event.

If you know of any other John Kline events we can’t go to, or even ones we can go to — oh, who am I kidding — please let me know so I can post them too.


2 thoughts on “John Kline to meet the public? No, just businesses.”

  1. Thanks for the info on the John Kline meeting in Faribault. I wonder if the Faribault news media will be covering the event. I hope you can find some information about the meeting after it is over.

  2. P.S. I got a call from someone doing fundraising to re-elect R.T. Rybak as mayor. Huh? I thought he was running for governor. I know he hasn’t formally announced it — but he’s going around speaking as one of the gubanatorial candidates at DFL events. He’s a good mayor, and I think he would be a good governor.

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