John Kline’s Meeting, or lack there of…

In an attempt to restore a little civility back into the town hall meeting world, CD1 Congressman Tim Walz invited CD2 Congressman John Kline to join him in leading two bipartisan town hall meetings in each of their districts.  Rep. Walz was hoping that representatives from both parties on the stage would prevent the screeching mobs from turning what should be a communication session into screamfest.  John Kline refused the invitation, saying the idea was a publicity stunt. 

A publicity stunt?  Is this the same guy who just made a big public plea for bipartisanship on the health care issue?  Was that a publicity stunt?  Obviously.

What a weak response from our congressman.  I spoke with a Kline representative a while back about his telephone town halls, and was told he does them to prevent the town hall from turning into big complaining sessions.  Kline knows exactly how difficult they are to hold, but at least Tim Walz is willing to try.  Does he seriously believe it is a publicity stunt to try and have both sides present?

Really, what is the point?  If you have been to a Kline meeting, he listens to comments more than he takes questions.  Tim Walz would be taking all the questions, and Kline would be sitting on his stool nodding and smiling, with the microphone held at his knee. 

Where is Kline this recess?  He served his country under fire.  Why is it so difficult for him to take some verbal fire from a constituent? 

John Kline’s office held a “town hall meeting” last week.  It showed up on YouTube over the weekend. I believe the mustached guy sitting on the desk is Mike Osskopp, Kline’s representative at the meeting. I wasn’t invited.  I can’t even get his emails, even though I have tried numerous times to sign up for them.