CD2 Executive Committee Meeting – August 11, 2009

I took my seat near the back corner of the Burnhaven Library Meeting Room.  As an observer to the CD2 Executive Committee Meeting, I often wonder if some of the people I don’t know, which is most of the people, notice me in the back of the room and are skeptical of why I am there.  Truth be told, as much as you, the loyal reader of would not believe it, my readership levels are relatively low.  I sincerely doubt that most of the people attending the meetings are regularly searching the web for news or blogs on the goings-on of CD2.  But I attend the meeting because I think there is a lack of information out there when it comes to general local politics.

I am going to estimate that there were about 35 people in attendance Tuesday night.  It was pretty full.  The DFL CD2 meetings run pretty smoothly.  The officers keep things moving, but sometimes I get a little annoyed by the chatter going on among the members while business is going on.  I’ve always been interested at what a CD2 GOP meeting is like.  I have this image of a bunch of people in wrinkle-resistant shirts and pleated pants, sitting quietly, with only the occasional murmur of agreement like you see on BBC broadcasts of the house of commons.  You know, “here, here,” unintelligible mumbles, stuff like that.

I’m guessing the GOP doesn’t allow observers at their Exeuctive Committee Meetings.  The DFL does, and at 6:35, the meeting started.  The main order of business was a recap of the fundraiser golf tournament.  I am not going to give the totals, I’m sure it is public info, but I don’t want to upset anybody.  It was a success though. 

There was a discussion about the state of the DFL’s finances.  I work for a nonprofit, and we are struggling to get donations, I am sure the DFL is too, especially in an off election year.  The DFL is going to host a fundraiser on August 26th called a Taste of the DFL, which will feature a hotdish contest, and food from around the world.  My guess is there will be close to a dozen candidates for governor in case you want to get to know a few of them.  It will be at Phalen Park Picnic Pavilion, in St. Paul.  Go to the DFL website for more information.

There was also a discussion on the dates to begin scheduling local conventions.  The date ranges will be finalized next month when the State Central Committee Meeting is held.  There are a couple of dates that can be mentioned.  The caucuses will February 2, 2010, and the State Convention will be in Duluth, June 4-6, 2010. 

The next CD2 meeting will be Tuesday, September 8, at the Burnhaven Library in Burnsville.  Margaret Anderson Kelliher will be the special guest.  Additionally, there will be an election of an Associate Chair (male) and a State Constitution Alternate (female).  Nominations will be made that evening.  You do not need to be a current member of any of the local party organizations to run, however, you should be a member in good standing with the DFL.


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