Coming Soon – The (MNGOP) Anointed One

When I made a joke a few months ago about the Republican candidate being the “anointed one,” I was only half joking.  It often seems that major Republican candidates are not selected in a democratic manner.  Rather, they seem to be chosen or agreed upon by the party leaders.  Mayor Norm Coleman had an eye on the governor’s mansion and, from what I have heard, State Senate Minority Leader Tim Pawlenty had an eye on the U.S. Senate.  Then something happened (rumors are Dick Cheney was involved), and Norm ran for senator and T-Paw ran for governor without serious opposition.
The last few weeks had me thinking that maybe I was wrong about the Republicans.  There are a dozen or so GOP gubernatorial candidates, and, so far, none of them has huge name recognition.  I thought, “Great — maybe there will actually be a fight in the GOP that rivals the normal process in the DFL.”

Then I read this, posted on “Captol Chatter.” 

GOP stops half-done Farmfest poll

Minnesota Republicans stopped a straw poll for governor halfway through the annual Farmfest event this week.

“A straw poll was started but stopped because the state chair had not authorized it,” state Republican spokesman Mark Drake said. “We didn’t want to take attention away from our sanctioned state convention poll in October.”

Governor candidate state Rep. Marty Seifert of Marshall, who grew up near the southwestern Minnesota farm event, said he was told the poll was halted ‘apparently because it favored me. … They felt there was too much bias in favor of me.’

The straw poll was being conducted in the GOP’s Farmfest booth. Results of the aborted poll were not released.

Republicans plan a rare non-election year convention on Oct. 3, with one of the main draws being a governor’s race straw poll. About a dozen Republicans are running.”

Typical.  The Republican leadership does not want the Farmfest masses to support a candidate not of their choosing.  Instead, the Republican leadership will select a candidate and tell their “Sam’s Club Republicans” who they should vote for.
I’m back to believing that the “anointed one” is coming.  I expect to hear about it around Oct. 3.