Who is getting sick? — of the health insurance debate

I thinks this whole health insurance reform “debate” is a deliberate attempt to make people sick of “politics.”  The Republicans have always been worried about voters turning out in high numbers.  They know a majority of the population identifies with Democratic Party ideals.  There was proof in 2008. 

Republicans have no positive ideas to improve the nation or politics.  Instead, they are going to spend as much time as possible making people sick of politics so they check out from the simplest form of political activism, paying attention. 

Fewer people paying attention equals lower voter turnout.  Lower voter turnout is a plus for the Republicans at getting their organization and large bankrolls working for them.

It is working.  I am sick of seeing the comments on blogs, listening to callers on radio programs or reading about it in the news.


One thought on “Who is getting sick? — of the health insurance debate”

  1. i agree with you.But this situation is not happening only with the republicans.In the entire world, politics makes people get sick of politics things,especially when elections are near.In my country for instance, they appear on tv very often and speak of all kind of problems only to keep us away from true issues concerning the reality.

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