Jottings and Questions III

Why isn’t there a big push in Canada from Canadians lobbying for the current U.S. healthcare system if the Canadian system is as bad as the republicans tell us it is?  And I know Canadians are supposedly flocking to Mayo, but are they also flocking to Fairview, or are they going to Mayo because it is Mayo?  By the way, an OEDC report showed that Canadians are five times more satisfied with healthcare outcomes than Americans.  Canadians have lower rates of infant and maternal mortality and a longer life expectancy.  And don’t mention their diets, because when I go to Canada, they always cover my fries in gravy.

Is anybody else disappointed that Barack Obama’s beer choice is Bud Light?  It fits, bland, vanilla, no controversy.  It was probably chosen based on polling.  But wouldn’t it have been fun to watch Fox News Channel falling all over themselves to read something in to his choice of a Molson, with their Canadian socialist healthcare system, or Heineken and how it obviously is some sort of subconscious longing to be in Amsterdam’s Red Light District.  It could have been so much more fun.

Choice of beer was not a question, but the Capitol Report has done a couple columns on the gubernatorial candidates favorites.  You know music, movies, books, stuff like that. I have a new found reason to support Tom Bakk.  He listed music by the Bee Gees and John Denver as favorites.  (Pause)  I admit it.  My name is Steve, and I listen to the Bee Gees and John Denver.  In fact, I not only have the John Denver ultimate collection, but I have downloaded it to my iPod.  That said, I’m not sure if I were running for governor I would admit that.  But I respect him more for it.  Of course, if you’ve met Tom Bakk in person, who is going to make fun of his music choices.

Marty Seifert was also interviewed for the favorites column.  I liked that he listed Star Wars among his favorite movie, but he lost all the respect he gained in my eyes when he said his favorite television show is Fox News. 

I signed up for Twitter last week.  I’m following a school board member who tweets a lot.  I’m not sure I get why… 

Heck, I’m not even sure I get Twitter…