Margaret Anderson Kelliher wins the Mid-Summer Poll

The mid-summer poll is closed. As I said in my introduction to the poll, it isn’t really going to tell us anything. The poll was simply for fun. I expected a couple of potential outcomes, but neither happened. I expected John Marty or Matt Entenza to win the poll. Marty only received seven votes and Entenza finished fourth. Like I said, it doesn’t mean much. But something did surprise me in the poll. Margaret Anderson Kelliher, not only received the largest vote total, but dominated.

The funny thing about the results are that in a recent conversation I had with a friend, we discussed the fact that the two top candidates might end up being MAK and Thissen, just as these poll numbers show.

The more I talk to Democrats, the more I hear “I like John Marty, but I don’t think he can win.” I hear very little things in the cities about Bakk or Rukavina. I tend to hear negative things about Gaertner. I’ve heard “I love Rybak as my mayor, but can he win across the state?”

So are Paul Thissen and Margaret Anderson Kelliher really the favorites? The only problem I think MAK had was the budget fiasco, but unlike what I thought, it has all become Pawlenty’s budget fiasco. Thissen’s name recognition problem is being resolved by his regular appearances at DFL events. I’m not so sure MAK and Thissen will not be the two favorites once we approach winter, and throw R.T. in the mix too.

Poll Results (Total votes 405):

Margaret Anderson Kelliher – 170 votes
Paul Thissen – 66 votes
Steve Kelley – 53 votes
Matt Entenza – 31 votes
R.T. Rybak – 20 votes
Susan Gaertner – 19 votes
Mark Dayton – 16 votes
Chris Coleman – 10 votes
John Marty – 7 votes
Another Party’s Candidate – 5 votes
A Different DFLer – 4 votes
Tom Bakk – 2 votes
Tom Rukavina – 2 votes