2010 Minnesota Gubernatorial Poll (2009 Mid-Summer)

Web polls for candidates tend to be more of a demonstration of organization than a truly meaningful anything.  But I love polls and statisitics, so I can’t help myself.

If you had to decide today, which candidate for governor would you choose?

The Poll ends Friday night.

Poll Results (Total votes 405):

Margaret Anderson Kelliher – 170 votes
Paul Thissen – 66 votes
Steve Kelley – 53 votes
Matt Entenza – 31 votes
R.T. Rybak – 20 votes
Susan Gaertner – 19 votes
Mark Dayton – 16 votes
Chris Coleman – 10 votes
John Marty – 7 votes
Another Party’s Candidate – 5 votes
A Different DFLer – 4 votes
Tom Bakk – 2 votes
Tom Rukavina – 2 votes


In the previous poll I did a few months ago, the top five finishers in order were Dayton, Marty, Thissen, Somebody Else and Entenza.  In that poll, I did not include Rybak, Coleman, Kelliher or Rukavina.


11 thoughts on “ 2010 Minnesota Gubernatorial Poll (2009 Mid-Summer)”

  1. Hey, Paul Thissen’s peeps must have found this poll.

    What does this poll really tell us? I’m not voting.

    I want:
    more issues discussion,
    more help for the middle class
    more job reinstating
    more listening

  2. I voted for Mark Dayton because he is the candidate I know best, and I like him. However, as I get more information on the candidates, I may change my mind. I really like John Marty, but I worry that he can’t be elected because he is so liberal. There is no doubt we have great candidates to choose from. The DFL could have won the last election if we had chosen someone other than Mike Hatch. We have a good chance next time if we don’t make any stupid mistakes. Maybe I shouldn’t use the word “stupid.” It didn’t work very well for President Obama. (I still get a big thrill being able to use the word “President” in front of “Obama.”)

  3. I would just like to say that I prefer it if people are respectful of other’s opinions. Just because you like one candidate, does not mean it is acceptable to insult other people who might be leaning toward another candidate. I will (and just did) delete comments that I believe are intended to be belittling. I have a serious problem with people who think they are better than others.

    1. Steve: It sounds more like you have a serious problem with people who aren’t clones of you. Narcissistic? I bet you’ve been called that before — if not to your face, then certainly behind your back. You sound like a big baby.

      1. Thanks for the psychological analysis of my dysfunctions. I’m sure all of my friends would say the same thing. I don’t care if you insult me or public officials, I’m just saying don’t belittle opinions of other people, and I was talking about the insult to “Scarlett.” And for crying out loud, so far you have posted comments under three different names, at least be smart enough to use a different email address if you want to look like more people. If you are insulting me because you think I deleted the comments you posted (under two different names) about Susan Gaertner, you posted the comments on the blog “Compromise Will Not Solve The Problem” post back in June, which has nothing to do with Susan Gaertner. If you would like to post them under this post, please feel free to post them again.

  4. Scarlett said: “The DFL could have won the last election if we had chosen someone other than Mike Hatch.”

    I think this is the general sentiment among DFLers. And that’s why I don’t fully understand why everyone is so dismissive of Steve Kelley. First, as unscientific as this poll is, he finished third. Yet there is no mention of him in the follow up or the comments. Second, at the 2006 convention, he came within 37 delegates on the fifth ballot of surpassing Hatch (646 to 609). (Really, had Kelley managed to flip 19 of them, he would have jumped ahead, and who knows how the endorsement would have turned out. Likewise, Hatch was successful in turning back another candidate Q&A between ballots, which probably sealed the endorsement for him.)

    I’m not saying Kelley should be considered the front runner. Dayton has won statewide, Entenza has tons of money, and Anderson Kelliher will command a lot of support from House members. But anyone dismissing Kelley out of hand might be making a mistake.

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