Jottings and Questions II

Some random thoughts…

John Kline is apparently troubled by estimates that 30,000 big bank jobs might be lost in the transition from bank-based student loan program to a government direct-lending program.  It is troubling that jobs could be lost in this economy, however, we still need to work on making the future better.  There is no reason that banks should be making risk-free profits on the shoulders of college students who are going to school to contribute to a better society.   Ironically, he is so concerned about health-care reform that he doesn’t have time to give the big bank job losses his full attention.  I guess we know now that the insurance industry gives much larger donations than the banking industry.

Speaking of John Kline, did you hear what he said about publicly funded medical coverage?  “It is cheaper, and designed to save money”, and he admitted “a government run program has very clear advantages.”  But you know how it is.  If it is government it is bad.  And that is why he decided to be part of the government, because he wants to ensure everything is done poorly.

Why are so many people concerned about the health insurance industry?  Where I work, if the tax to provide medical coverage to all Americans was the same percent as FICA, 7.65%, it would save my organization over $300,000.  That is $300,000 more dollars to spend.  In the case of a for profit business of similar size, that is $300,000 in profit, or investment.  Politicians, and republicans especially, who claim they are for small business should be behind this 100%.  I don’t get the disconnect.  Just because it is government run it is bad?  I think they are crazy.

Talk about crazy, I read a blog yesterday from a person currently in the military (I am not going to name the blog because I am a firm believer that even bad publicity is good publicity, but if you are really curious and want to know, email me.)   He supposedly supports the military, but actually asked why we abide by the laws of civilized warfare when dealing with Muslims.  He called the Geneva Conventions and the Laws of Land Warfare niceties of war and wonders why we follow them with those “savages.”  This is the same person who states that in an energy policy debate Sarah Palin could “take on” President Obama (whom he calls The Chosen One) and Nancy Pelosi (whom he calls P-Lousy, you gotta love the respect he has for government officials) “and tear them up without having to even glance at any notes.”  Yes, he really said that… I’m not even sure what my point is.  I think I just get so annoyed by bombastic nuts that think they speak for the majority, and feel it is their duty to yell it out and confront people, when really they speak for a tiny extremist group.  I heard there were some less than civil comments to a couple DFL candidates at a recent parade.  It is that type of person who needs to shut up.  They claim to be better Americans, in fact this blogger says the “left in America continues to belittle American exceptionalism,” and yet they can’t respect America enough to realize a great thing about America is that candidates with differing views are free to express those views, and we can vote for them.

The nuts really love Sarah Palin.  Here is a bumper sticker idea for Sarah Palin I heard about on the radio:
Traditional Values – You Betcha! 
(Less Traditional Dedication)

I hope she runs for president.

While it is a step below president, I am glad there is a candidate in 36A who is willing to take on Mary Liz Holberg.  Colin Lee will be taking on Mary Liz.  It is going to be a real up-hill battle.  In 2008 she trounced both challengers pretty badly.  So far, Colin is the only challenger to step forward.  In 2008, Colin ran as a Green Party Candidate.  He got just under 2000 votes in 2008.  At a recent SD36 meeting, he made a little gaffe when he laughed and made an innocent comment about how he raised more cash than the DFL candidate in 2008.  It might have struck the wrong nerve with some.  On the other hand, I look at it that he has shown he can raise money.  Something that needs to be done, and is really challenging in our area.

Be watching soon, I think in the next week, for a new gubernatorial poll.  I have narrowed down my list, and before I write about it, I want to tie it to a poll that I think the rest of you can help me with.


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    1. I do not know Dave, but I was under the impression that none of the three previous candidates in 36 were interested in running again.

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