Paul Thissen at SD36 Potluck

Gubernatorial candidate Paul Thissen spoke at the Senate District 36 potluck and Central/Executive Committee meeting held on Thursday July 17th in Farmington.

So far, I have been in small groups to hear Dayton, Kelley, Marty, Entenza and Gaertner.  So, of the declared candidates, Representative Thissen was the last Metro candidate for me to see.

First impression:  He is taller than I expected.  I am 6’ 3”.  He was as at least as tall as me, probably taller.  It is not the tallness that threw me, Matt Entenza is tall, it was just that it was unexpected from seeing him on TV and in  pictures.  He was taller than expected, but that really doesn’t have much to do with the election… or does it?  In the last 31 presidential elections, the taller person has won 26 of them.  Hmmm…

Paul Thissen is a very good speaker and very engaging.  He looks like a prototypical politician, with his clean cut, grey hair and the collared blue shirt rolled up at the sleeves.  He has an easy manner about him.  He looks comfortable, and seems cool.  I can’t say that about the other candidates.  Just about everyone of them has something awkward about their delivery, or style, or their mannerisms.  But Thissen is just somebody who is easy to pay attention to, and more importantly, I think you feel like you can trust.

Paul Thissen did an interview a while back with Aaron Brown at  Aaron described Paul as “so damn reasonable.”  He seems that way.  I know he is smart.  He is obviously analytical, and the way he structured his responses to questions, he doesn’t just talk off the cuff, he has seriously thought things out, and understands issues.

I said he was smart.  I really liked something that happened at the meeting.  Representative Thissen was talking about his parents taking out a second mortgage to send him to school.  He didn’t mention that school was Harvard.  Most egomaniacal politicians would make sure they pointed that out.  In my mind Harvard is a big deal, but at the same time I hate it when people brag.  I am sure very few people know when he was talking about when he was at college, knew it was Harvard.  And I really liked the fact he didn’t feel like he had to point that out.

I liked Paul.  I am still keeping an open mind, but he sure walks and talks like a candidate I would support.  We’ll see though.  I haven’t seen Bakk yet, and there are three potential big names who could still get in the race within the next few months.  And who knows, maybe Marty Seifert will surprise me… no, he won’t.


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