CD2 Executive Committee Meeting – July 14, 2009

The Executive Committee Meeting for DFL Congressional District 2 started off a little somberly.  The initial discussion at the Burnhaven Library revolved around the loss of DFL CD2 Associate Chair Ken Beck who passed away the previous week. 

(Link to Ken Beck’s obituary from the Sunday Pioneer Press)

Despite the somber overtones, the work of the DFL continues.  An announcement was made that his position, Associate Chair (Male Position) will need to be filled, as well as the position of State Constitution Alternate (Female Position).  Elections will be held at the September Central Committee meeting.  This is an important election coming up, it is imperative that a DFL governor be elected.  Hard working, committed people need to be elected to fill these positions.  It will take every district organization to work hard to ensure we have a representative in the governor’s mansion who will look out for the future of the people of Minnesota, rather than live by a pledge to a single special interest tax group, or worry about how the national media or national base sees him or her, at the expense of Minnesota.

And speaking of the future, a few local candidates spoke.  Derrick Lindstrom, running for House in 37A told everybody he would take back the seat Tara Mack won in the 2008 election.  Roberta Gibbons, who is running for State Senate in 37 wants to make SD37 permanently blue.  Last, Dan Powers, running for Congress in CD2 spoke on healthcare, energy independence, CO2 and acid rain.  Additionally, he has a parade strategy, he would like to implement.  Powers, Gibbons and Lindstrom are all looking for parade marchers coming up for Leprechaun Days in Rosemount.

The other major news is that to account for the for the September Election of CD2 Associate Chair and State Constitution Alternate, the Executive Committee meeting scheduled for that month has been changed to a Central Committee meeting.

Since I am talking about meetings… DFL Senate District 36 will be holding a potluck in a couple days on Thursday July 16th at the Rambling River Center in downtown Farmington at 6:00 pm.  Rep. Paul Thissen is scheduled to speak during the potluck.  Feel free to come and share in the potluck, get some questions answered by Representative Thissen, and based on the size of our group, I’m guessing you will even have a chance to talk one-on-one with him.  The potluck starts at 6:00, and following Paul’s presentation, the SD36 Central Committee meeting will begin.  People are welcome to come for the potluck, to hear Paul Thissen, just to participate in the meeting, or any combination of the three.  I look forward to seeing you there.