The Burnsville PD (Not Police Department, but Partisan Department)

I like listening to baseball on the radio.  I just wish it wasn’t on KSTP1500.  I got in my car this morning, after having the baseball game on in my car last night, and was exposed to some strange radio show with scary sounding background music, and a man talking in a low, slow voice about, 20% unemployment coming, banks failing, socialism, and ranting about Obama’s nearly police state expanding to martial law where no lover of the constitution has any freedoms.  The simplest thing to say is it was strange.

That was odd, and made me long for the days of turning on the car to a gardening or money show on WCCO.  But that police state comment got me thinking though about a story I read on Daily Kos about a week ago.  It was called “We are not disturbing the peace, we are disturbing the war.”  It is a scary story about the Burnsville Police Department attempting to suppress the right of free speech for a group of peaceful war protestors.”

I was reminded of the story through Dave Mindeman’s posting at the mnpACT! blog and ThisWeek newspaper’s article about it.  I am shocked it isn’t even more talked about.

The story revolves around protesters with a “Honk for Peace” sign.  The Burnsville police apparently, tired of the several year weekly protests, recently threatened legal action against the protesters holding the sign for encouraging an illegal activity, the honking of horns.  

Since there is no law against holding a harmless sign, the police decided to target the occasional motorist who honked.  The Burnsville police began pulling over motorists who support the peace protestors.  A few people who supported the protestors with a simple honk even received tickets!   Unbelievable!

Luckily the ACLU got involved and the Burnsville PD calmed down, but they were seen recently photographing the protests and recording license plate number of protestors.  Why would they be doing that, other than planning some sort of retaliation?  I am not a conspiracy freak, but there is obviously a partisan agenda percolating in the Burnsville police department…


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  1. What??? Has J. Edgar Hoover (former head of the FBI) come back to life? Frightening. It brings back memories of J. Edgar Hoover’s attacks on peace activists in the 1960s. This was one of Hoover’s favorite tactics — photographing those invovled and keeping records on them. He had files on individual students whose only crime was attending a peace rally. This is really troubling.

    1. Thank you for posting this story. I am the person who wrote the Daily Kos piece you referenced and I am sorry to say that the police harassment continues. The person who had their license plate recorded has now been issued a ticket for “improper use of the horn” and now the ACLU of Minnesota is going through the approval process so that they can hopefully take up our case once again.

      Since I wrote the Daily Kos piece there has been another turn of events however, a woman who claims to work for the owner of John Kline’s office has been harassing us and she called the police on us today despite the fact that we did not break any law.

      Our group appreciates blog posts like this one that bring attention to our case and we would like to invite all of you to come out to Burnsville and see what is going on out there. We meet at the corner of Nicollet and Burnsville Parkway at 4:30 and go until 5:30 every Tuesday, thanks to all who have supported us and we will not give up on our free speech rights.

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