Obama has me feeling a little like Charlie Brown…

I keep telling myself that we are not even six months into Obama’s first term, but I can’t help starting to feel a little like Charlie Brown trying to kick a football. A lot of people on the religious right know the feeling. Bush was elected, there were majorities in the house and senate, and yet the core “family-value” issues republicans seemed to run on, were never really addressed. Instead of the religious right kicking the football, Bush played Lucy and pulled the football away as they were about to score.

I don’t want to be Charlie Brown trying to kick a football. I want the change so many of us voted for. It may only be six months into Obama’s first term, but the time to get the healthcare crisis resolved is ticking away. Do you really think the Democrats can expand their majorities beyond what they are now?

There are 18 months left of this supermajority. Obama and the rest of the Democrats in the house and senate can cater to the right wing, corporations and special interest groups, or they can solve a problem. As much as I like having a progressive supermajority, what is the point of having it if we can’t use it for the issues that a majority of us want resolved? If we can’t do it now, then when will we be able to?

It is time for Obama to take control, and set his legacy now. He ran on change, and now he can make a change. He is going to have to stop being the nice, popular president and take that change we voted for and cram it down the throats to those Democrats standing in the way. Otherwise, on Wednesday November 3rd, 2010, there are going to be a lot of Democrats flying through the air, yelling “AAUGH!” before they land flat on their back and wish they had not trusted Lucy.


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