Jottings and Questions

Am I the only one worried that the Senate will water down the American Clean Energy and Security Act?  So many people and news stories seem hyped about the climate change bill as it has been dubbed.  I’m just not sure it will end up being that great.  Admittedly, I don’t know much about it right now.

What happened to Joe Repya’s blog?  I know he left the republican party, but I liked going to his blog, even before he started attacking the party leadership.

A Christian friend of mine went to the Pride Parade to support her friends.  Why do so many people who call themselves Christians believe it is their job to judge and condemn people they feel are living immorally, and even judge and condemn the people who support them?

Is Jim Ramstad a candidate who can get the republican endorsement?  So many people have this image that he is a centrist republican.  I’m not saying he is — I mean just because he voted for stem-cell research and against drilling in ANWAR does not make him a centrist in my book.  But with that “centrist” image, will the core republicans ignore him in favor of the far-right candidates the base seems to think is needed to take back the party?

I heard a James Dobson radio program recently where Dr. Dobson called George W. Bush absolutely the best president in history for pro-life issues, and Barack Obama the absolutely worst president in history for pro-life issues.  What did George Bush do to end abortion when he had a republican house and senate for three-quarters of his term?  And what exactly has Barack Obama already done to be the worst president ever?  I know Focus on the Family is desperate for money, but scare tactics?

In 2007 the number of children without health insurance was 8.1 million.  I am guessing that number is higher in 2009.  In 2007 nearly 18 percent of the U.S. population was without health insurance.  I am guessing that is also higher in 2009.  With 1 in 5 people without health insurance, why do so many people think there is no healthcare crisis?

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  1. I agree with all your points, but I think the global warming problem is especially frightening. This is what the National Resources Defense Fund said about the Ward Hunt Ice Shelf:

    “Average temperatures in the Arctic region are rising twice as fast as they are elsewhere in the world. Arctic ice is getting thinner, melting and rupturing. For example, the largest single block of ice in the Arctic, the Ward Hunt Ice Shelf, had been around for 3,000 years before it started cracking in 2000. Within two years it had split all the way through and is now breaking into pieces.”

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