Results of the 2010 Governor Poll #1

Now that I moved the site to WordPress, I don’t have the 2010 Gubernatorial Poll available anymore.  Not to worry.  I love polls, and plan on doing another one in a couple months after more of the candidates get flushed out.

The results of the poll were not too surprising.  In the first couple of weeks, the two candidates whom I expect to push into the primary regardless of the endorsement, Mark Dayton and Matt Entenza, were leading.  However, while Entenza and Dayton stagnated in vote totals after the first week or so, John Marty and Paul Thissen kept chipping away at the lead.  The final results of the 2010 poll for Governor were:

Mark Dayton                                17 votes     29%
John Marty                                   15 votes     26%
Paul Thissen                                   9 votes      16%
Matt Entenza                                  8 votes      14%
Another DFLer                              7 votes      12%
Susan Gaertner                               1 vote        1%
The “Anointed” Republican      1 vote        1%
Tom Bakk                                         0 votes       0%
Steve Kelley                                    0 votes       0%

Total votes = 58 votes