John Kline Doesn’t Shoot Straight

Our fair congressman John Kline participated in the 2009 Congressional Shoot Out last week. The annual Congressional Shoot Out is a sporting clays, skeet and trap shooting contest held in Maryland pitting teams of congressional Democrats versus congressional Republicans. Despite his numerous appearances everywhere recently, I don’t think Dick Cheney was invited. Our do nothing congressman, and his GOP team lost to the Democratic team. Leading the way for the Democrats was western Minnesota (CD7) Congressman Collin Peterson, who won the overall individual shooting competition.

It must be pretty difficult to find a team of Democrats who know how to shoot guns. After all, everybody knows the Democratic Party hates guns. I keep hearing from Republicans how the Democrats are going to take away all our guns and ammunition. Maybe the Dems should run candidates (a la the Republicans) against those gun-toting Democrats. That way we will have candidates who will be true to the Democratic Party Platform of requiring hunters to use rubber bands and paper clips, when negotiation with the hunted animal does not work first.

I joke, but it does not surprise me that John Kline didn’t win anything this year. He has had a really hard time shooting straight recently.