Rep. Pat Garofalo: Keep the government out of my bedroom

Representative Pat Garofalo sends out an email newsletter every now and again called The Inside Scoop. If you live in 36B and do not get it, click to sign up on his legislative page.

His notes generally seem pretty common-sense, even though his voting record may not. Well this week, without really thinking I assume, he veered out of the right lane and off the right wing hypocritical extremist edge.
You might have read in the paper about the legislation he proposed

that would prevent law enforcement from forcing internet service providers to block online gambling websites. His reasoning is, and I quote:

“The Department of Public Safety has to have better things to do with their time than to go after a college kid in his dorm room or some guy sitting in his basement spending a couple of hours playing online poker”

Is it just me, or did I miss the part where the Dept. of Public Safety set up a sting to catch the kids playing poker?

It seems pretty easy to me. Gambling in this form is against the law in Minnesota. That’s right, I said against the law. It is against the law to buy pot from Mexico too. Do we just ignore the package coming up from Mexico because even though it is illegal, it is a private package, and anyway, marijuana doesn’t really harm anything, why impact the college kids, the government should be going after real drugs like cocaine and crack, right?

Oh yeah, it is ILLEGAL!!!

But what really blows my mind isn’t his lack of reasoning regarding his quote, It is a comment in his email newsletter, The Inside Scoop. Rep. Garofalo said:

“Controlling what web sites people visit on their own personal computer is NOT a proper function of government.”

Who cares if it is illegal. I assume it is peachy-keen with Rep. Garofalo for people, as long as they are on their own personal computer, to view child pornography websites. According to that statement, he can’t argue against it. As long as the site is based outside of the U.S., Danish perverts can set up websites of graphic child pornography, and he is fine with it. Don’t cut into the pervert’s personal enjoyment on his home computer. Who cares if it is illegal. Certainly don’t have the ISPs block the sites. After all, people have rights…


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  1. I don’t know whether Garofalo has any children — but what parents DON’T have a problem with their “college kid in a dorm rooom” involved in online gambling? Internet gambling is not equivalent to regular computer games. It can lead to compulsive gambling — which can ruin lives. Internet gambling is a very, very bad idea.

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