Who Needs State Hatcheries?

Did anybody else see the State is considering closing the State Muskie and Walleye hatcheries? In general I dislike it when we contemplate the idea that private industry can do something better than the government simply because it is private industry. Profits and reduced expenses are fine, but not when it comes to my health, wellbeing or safety. But tiger muskie fingerlings have nothing to do with any of that, so go ahead and make it a state contract. I of course do feel that Walleye are good for our community and our wellbeing, in fact I hope to catch a couple next month, to make them good, you know, good as in dredged in flour and crushed potato chips, then fried to a golden, good, brown. So go ahead and shut down the state hatchery, just don’t turn around, show me the success and money savings of fish hatcheries, and tell me we can do the same thing with healthcare, fire departments and environmental protection.