John Kline in the news?

I keep fairly current with political news, and it just occurred to me that I hardly ever read anything about John Kline. I sure see and hear a lot (even in CD2) about Michelle Bachmann, Keith Ellison, Tim Walz and James Oberstar. I occasionally read about Betty McCollum, and recently more about Erik Paulsen, but I seldom see anything about John Kline. We all know he tries to avoid his constituents, at least constituents who do not agree with him. When I hear he attended an event in the district, it is usually after the event happened, and unlike congress members like Tim Walz and Keith Ellison who have upcoming events listed right on their website, John Kline tries to maintain his distance from “the rabble.” I think I posted this a couple years ago that I called John Kline’s office and asked what Congressman Kline’s campaign schedule was so I could try to attend an event he would be at, and maybe even ask him a question. I was told there was a calendar listed on his website, and when I said I was looking on his website, and couldn’t find anything, she said it was on the website, thanked me and took another call. For the record, there was nothing on either his campaign website or his congressional website.

Anyway, I have realized that is his goal. He hardly ever misses a vote, I think he missed his first vote last year, pretty good considering he is now in his forth term, but that means he is not back here ever. He likes Washington, and wants to stay there. He doesn’t want to help his district, he became against earmarks when the Democrats took control of the house, right when the district needed money for the Hastings bridge. So if he stays out of the news, votes on everything, following the party line, he can come back here a couple weekends a year and say: “I never miss a vote. Ronald Reagan. I am against earmarks. I carried the ‘nuclear football.’ Conservative values. I’m a veteran.” He will get elected in a conservative district, and nobody will really know what he does. Brilliant!

Two after-notes, one negative, and one partially positive, a little: 1) John Kline’s voting record is so contrary to my viewpoint, both in his unwillingness to vote for what is good for Minnesota and CD2, and his over-the-top, practically fundamentalist voting record going along with his party, that it makes it hard for me to look at anything he does objectively, when it is so important to me for people to have independence, and common-sense thinking apart from the maddening crowd, or maddening splinter group. 2) John Kline has done some really great things for individuals in our district, getting visas approved that had been denied by homeland security, helping causes and aiding individuals with illnesses, but I wish I did not feel so cynical about him, and maybe it is really a couple of members of his staff I have interacted with, that I feel like they have some kind of a blacklist of DFL voters that they scan before the offer any assistance. I mean is it really that hard to believe there are lists like that?


3 thoughts on “John Kline in the news?”

  1. Funny! I posted this, then a half hour later saw John Kline on the front page of StarTrib online. Oh well, generally, it still holds true.

  2. I thought you wrote this AFTER reading today’s article on the Strib Web site. It fit. Kline is such a disappointment, but I suppose he will continue to get re-elected just because of the conservative politics in our area.

  3. I’ve been talking about this for a couple years. Since I have written this, more than a month ago, I see Kline’s name in the paper constantly. Despite a comfortable win, Steve Sarvi must have scared him.

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