Joe Repya is Right

The following is a blog by LTC Joe Repya on The Eagle’s Nest Blog. I think he is overreacting a little, the MNGOP will stabilize, just like the DFL did, but his point about vicious attacks because a member of the party has a different opinion is important for us all to work against. No matter what party we belong to, we need to work towards making our cities, states and country a better place. We have different opinions on how to do this, but it does not mean anybody is wrong. 

March 16, 2009

Further Proof of the Destruction of the Minnesota GOP!
If anyone needs further proof of the destruction of the Minnesota GOP all you had to do was attend O’Gara’s in Saint Paul last week and listen to the Republican Party Candidate Forum that was held. Although I wasn’t there I’m told by many that Deputy Chair Dorothy Fleming was booed while speaking.

This is an indication of how low the MN GOP has fallen over the last 4 to 6 years. In today’s MN GOP if someone said anything that the current leadership or their sanctioned candidates don’t like they are fair game for public rudeness by their paid thugs. Sadly, even their sanctioned Deputy, “thug blogger” Michael (Darth) Brodkorb falls in that category.
It is interesting the Brodkorb would rile against Dorothy Fleming for taking a salary as Deputy when just two years ago as Ron Carey’s Campaign Manager he constantly attacked my position for offering to take half the salary of Carey. Back then Brodkorb felt Carey’s exorbitant salary was just fine and my willingness to take half was a campaign stunt. Back then it was pointed out that people are only worth what they are paid and that people willing to get half the pay, will only put half the effort into the job. Now Tony Sutton and Micael Brodkorb say they wont take any salary. Well I’ll remind everyone that Ron Carey was elected in 2005 saying the same thing.

I have served my life dedicated to being honest, fair and respectable to others. Maybe it was my parents or the military that conditioned me that way. I have never seen a angrier or vicious group then those who run the MN GOP today. Proof of this anger and despicable behavior was seen two years ago when Michael Brodkorb attacked Wally the Beer Man out side of the convention hall during the election for Party Chair. Wally’s provocation was using a hand cart he found against a wall to move some bottles of water.

Witnesses said Brodkorb ran into the parking lot and yelled at Wally, “That’s my cart” and wrestled out of Wally’s hand spilling bottles of water all over the parking lot. Classy act, attacking a 70+ year old man over a hand cart. An off duty policeman said had he seen this in his jurisdiction he would have arrested Brodkorb. A third year law school student who also saw the incident stated he felt an assault had taken place. Brodkorb cowardly retreated when my wife walked up to him and dressed him down for his stupid thuggish actions.

This is the type of angry, mean spirited behavior the individual that now wants to be Deputy of the Party is capable of. It is people and actions like Michael Brodkorb’s that has cased good Republican’s away from the party. Brodkorb help destroy Senate District 38 over the last 4 years with his angry outbursts and miss treatment of volunteers.

For the first time since 1998, my wife and I purposely did not attend SD 38’s weekend BPOU State Central delegate election. We refuse to be part of any organization run by people that are so demoniacally partisan that they treat their own so badly. This is why I’m ashamed of the so called leaders of Minnesota Republican Party.


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  1. I couldn’t agree more. Since moving to MN I just haven’t been able to get involved in the party politics. It looks a little too brutal (even for politics…).

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