Penguins in the Rye

There is a controversy brewing in Farmington.

Nothing has blown up yet, but in a heavily right leaning district, an issue over homosexuality will likely cause a blow up. There has been a complaint about a children’s book. Some self appointed guardian of morality has decided that a book needs to be removed from the elementary school libraries.

I first heard about the book about a year ago, from a little blurb on Focus on the Family – Yes, I do occasionally listen to Focus on Family, I don’t like the political bent of the show or it’s leader, but I like some of the subjects they discuss. Anyway, the book And Tango Makes Three has become a subject of controversy in our fair city.

Everything is still under the radar, no big deal has been made, it isn’t in the news yet, but the first volley has been launched. A couple of notes on the book. It is a true story, it shows kids that there are families that are different and it is a book about penguins confined in a zoo, which I consider unnatural. More to come I am sure…