Friending the Candidates

Facebook is new to me. I joined a couple months ago, and have been in contact with friends from elementary school who I have not seen or talked to for 20 plus years. It is an amazing connecting tool. I was thinking of that, when I decided to see if the gubernatorial candidates were on Facebook. They are. Susan Gaertner, Tom Bakk, Paul Thissen, and even a draft R.T. Rybak group. So I “freinded” Paul Thissen, and he accepted, and sent me a little email saying he hoped to talk to me soon.

I may be ignorant of how much Facebook was used in the last election, because it was off my radar, but it seems to me that it could really build up the knowledge supporters have of a candidate. Things like “Paul is going to play basketball” which was a real posting, or even something like Paul is making a Dagwood sandwich, which wasn’t a post.  Regular postings like that would create a sense for the supporter of really knowing everything there is to know about Paul. It could make you see the candidate as a normal guy, watching the Super Bowl, stuffed with processed snacks, just like me.

Potentially, it could build a core supporter group that is really committed to the candidate because they feel like they really are friends. It could be a big tool.

Note: I added a couple of more declared candidates for governor in the links column on the right. Right now, I have them ranked in my initial order of how I would vote for them today based on the little knowledge I have of each of them, bit it could and is likely to change. I like Paul Thissen (pronounced TEE-sen) and it is not simply because he is on my Facebook page. He is about the same age, just a little older, comes from the same area, and has a very similar family. Of course it is a little off here, he went to Harvard, and law school, but several people have told me I should have thought about law, so I’m close…come on, give that to me. His main area of concentration in his short political career is health care, and he was the chief author of the Children’s Health Security Act.

Aaron Brown interviewed him and called him “so damn reasonable,” I like that. He is going to have to work hard, he is basically unknown, and there will probably be several more well know participants in the process. I will write more in the future about the race, and who decides to run. Some of the big names we don’t know about so far are Tim Walz, R.T. Rybak, Chris Coleman, Margaret Anderson Kelliher, and Mark Dayton, who I think said he was going to run, but still does not have a website.


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  1. Tim Walz is not running for governor. The fact was reported by MinnPost, Mindy, Bluestem Prairie, and the Rochester Post Bulletin.

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