Bite the Bullet

The state senate and house open the new session Tuesday. On the agenda immediately will be balancing this year’s short fall, but the bigger issue is our state has upwards of a 6 billion dollar deficit coming over the next two years, which starts July 1st I think.

Our states education ranking has gone from being a top ranked state to the lower half of the middle. We are not investing enough in basic education, or higher education which leads to growth in industry and technology. The U medical school once considered a top school in the country has fallen fast, and with it biomedical firms could follow.

Add to that declining agriculture, forestry and mining industries that in our recent history were the backbone of the state’s economy, and it tells me it is not the time to dump state assets, it is time to invest in the future. There are some things the government just does better than private industry.

We need good roads, not cheap roads. We need well trained police, not big-headed belligerent security guards. We need firefighters. We need food and product safety. A free market society can’t adequately provide many of the services in society we need. It is time to bite the bullet, end the accounting tricks and take care of the future generations.