Byron Leftwich was playing for more than the Steelers

I heard an interesting bit of election prediction info this morning. Since 1936, the Washington Redskins of the NFL have predicted the outcome of a presidential election.

The prediction hinges on whether or not the Redskins win or lose their last home game before the election. If the Redskins win their home game before the election, the party in power maintains power in the presidential election. If the Redskins lose their final home game before the election, the party that is not the incumbent party wins the Whitehouse.

Yesterday, the Washington Redskins were beaten badly by the Steelers 23-6, I think that can only mean that Barack Obama is going to have a good night.

Now skeptics of this formula will tell you that since the Redskins lost their last home game before the election in 2004, the prediction that Obama will win just doesn’t hold water, but we all know about all of the voting irregularities in Ohio in 2004, so it is my belief that 2004 should be dismissed. That said, even if we include 2004, their record has picked the winner 15 out of 16 times, or 94% of the time, so I have to tell you, I am pretty darn confident.