Smilin’ John Kline

While John McCain found this Lakeville woman to be so wrong that he took the microphone from her and defended Barack Obama from her comments, John Kline (sitting right next to her, looking up admiringly) really seemed to like her.

It doesn’t surprise me. John Kline is the epitome of what is wrong with the Republican party over the last 10 years. He doesn’t think he needs to represent anybody that does not support him. He, well, really I should say Kline’s staff, because I have never talked to him, disregard comments that don’t align with Republican positions as un-American, leftist or simply wrong.

I think he agrees with the Lakeville rally woman 100%, and he and Michelle Bachmann (see her Chris Matthews interview 10/17) would love to join together and expose all of the anti-American, leftists in the US in a Joe McCarthy style hearing.

I think John Kline loves sleazy election tactics. I already know his staff loves name calling, and I’m sure bat-crazy, uninformed, Lakeville rally lady is a big supporter of his, and he loves it, look at that smile on his face.


3 thoughts on “Smilin’ John Kline”

  1. Oh, good grief. Kline is no saint, that’s for sure, and I have my issues with him too. But to suggest that the smirk on his face shows that he supports that woman’s view is absolutely ludicrous, and you know it. Everyone had the same look on their face. She was crazy and they all knew it.

  2. Senator McCain isn’t smiling, I saw the video, he was upset with her. John McCain has integrity. John Kline is a party lackey.

  3. I agree, Kline doesn’t have nearly the independent fortitude of McCain. I still think your accusation that Kline liked and agreed with that woman is a huge stretch.

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