Van Susteren or Van Halen?

I’ve been pretty busy with school recently, I’m going to stick with that being the reason I haven’t blogged very much. It has nothing to do with being tired of this election cycle. Ignore the fact that I spend my time in the car scanning through my XM looking for Van Halen, Journey or whatever 80s rock I can find, my current music obsession, rather than listening to NPR or America Left.

And ignore the fact that I am sitting here watching the LSU-Florida football game, two teams I don’t care at all about, but I don’t have cable so I can’t watch the Wild. And I really don’t know anything about number 70, Ciron Black, the left tackle for LSU, but he has pulled to the left leading sweeps, and he has just flattened a couple Gators. He is even fast enough to stay in front of a receiver on a swing pass, blocking both a linebacker and a defensive back. I think the Vikings could use him leading Adrian Peterson. Anyway, I’m going to spend the second half watching him.

I was watching the senatorial debate on, and kept watching Sarah Palin for a while, but my interest level is really waning. My wife told me channel 4 had a commercial on that was birds chirping and grass waving or something like that, that said the ad was a break from political ads from WCCO. I’m really looking forward to more Tidy Cat and Glade Air Freshener commercials soon.

One thought on “Van Susteren or Van Halen?”

  1. I can’t bear to watch any more commercials or debates. I didn’t even watch the first senatorial debate. I just want to vote!

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