John McCain’s Ability to Multitask In Question

Should we be worried about John McCain’s ability to multitask? Or should we be worried that he is so inept when it comes to economic issues, that he can’t think of anything else because it is too much for his brain? Either one is a little worrisome.

John McCain said that he is going to suspend his campaign to deal with the financial crisis, and he wants to postpone the debate scheduled for Friday night because of it. McCain stated that he has to concentrate on the economic crisis, despite the fact that he admitted a few months ago that he does not know much about economics.

I was skeptical about the whole delaying the Republican convention for the first day because of hurricane Gustave, and my skepticism was well founded, as neither he nor his VP candidate suspended their campaign when a stronger hurricane (Ike) was bearing down on Texas a couple weeks later.

So which is it, is it a political ploy in an attempt to avoid the debates, or is it that he can’t handle two things at once?

I am going to assume that he is unable to handle two things at once. This economic crisis is not going to go away, and for at least the next year, if McCain is elected president, he is going to have to deal with the economy and North Korea, or the economy and a natural disasters, or the economy and terrorism. If he can’t do both as a candidate, how is he going to do it as a president when he has even more responsibilities?

Barack Obama has made it clear that with about six weeks left until the election, there is no better time to let the people decide who will be the leader to deal with this crisis, and this is a prime example of who is better able to make leadership decisions come January 20th.


One thought on “John McCain’s Ability to Multitask In Question”

  1. I don’t think he is inept. I think he wants to take a nap.

    I wonder what excuse Sarah “Moose in Headlights” Palin going to use to get out of her debate with Joe Biden?

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