Who Are We Going To Trust? The Maverick or the New McCain?

After more than a year of running as a Bush-Cheney Republican and courting groups of the electorate he has never wanted the support of before, and after more than three days of a convention full of negative, derisive speeches with more punch lines than policy, John McCain took the stage and was his old self again, at least for part of the speech.

McCain criticized the Republican party, talked about how the party has lost the respect of many Americans and called for an end to our nation’s growing partisanship, which has been fueled by Bush, Cheney, Rove and Delay.

There were periods of the speech that I felt like the crowd was unsure of whether they should cheer or not. For part of the speech he was the maverick again. But he tried to have it both ways, he never mentioned global warming or immigration, two issues that used to be his major concerns outside of the war. He questioned Barack Obama’s patriotism, and lied about Obama’s positions. He criticized congress as if he wasn’t a part of it.

Who are we going to trust? The maverick or the man who changes to please others? Do we trust a man who derides Barack Obama as an elitist, despite the fact that he worked his tail off to get were he is, or the elitist whose wife wears a $250,000 outfit to the convention, and who has to decide whether to spend his time at the Ranch in Hidden Valley, the 7000 sq. ft. condo in Phoenix, the beach-front property in California or the other beach-front property in California.

Do we trust the man who used to call for political contribution reforms, but gets millions of dollars from a few donors, or Barack Obama who get a few dollars from a million donors.

John McCain is no longer a maverick, he showed glimpses of it last night to appeal to independent voters. They would have voted for him in 2000, but there are too many voters like me who were moderates in 2000, but are now strong Democrats because of the last 8-12 years, and we want a change in Washington. There is hope.


One thought on “Who Are We Going To Trust? The Maverick or the New McCain?”

  1. When are the majority of middle-class Americans going to get it? Do they aspire to spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on one outfit, like Cindy McCain? Do they want vacation homes all over the country, like John & Cindy McCain? Frankly, I think most of us would be too embarrassed to spend $250,000 on a suit when there are people in the USA who can't afford a suit at all. The McCains should be ashamed to have bought 7 homes when the USA is the only Western country with a large homeless population. Besides, the only ticket to that kind of money is to inherit it and enjoy the tax-free and tax-loophole filled benefits.

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