Sarah (Sarcastic) Smile

If you watched the RNC last night, you saw a couple of cynical and sarcastic politicians speak.

After hearing all last week that the DNC was just a bunch of good speeches about hope and change without real policy ideas, last night’s display by Giuliani and Palin was insulting. Palin is a great speaker (I could barely watch Rudy) but it was full of negative and sarcastic jabs at Barack Obama, and even at the people like me that support him.

Palin may call herself an outsider, but she showed she is going to fit right in as a typical negative, attacking Republican politician. As John McCain said, that is not change we can believe in folks.

Both Rudy Giuliani and Sarah Palin specifically mocked Obama’s experience as a community organizer on the South Side of Chicago more than two decades ago, where he worked with people who had lost jobs and been left behind when the local steel plants closed. Let’s clarify something for them right now. Community organizing is how ordinary people respond to out-of-touch politicians and their failed policies.


One thought on “Sarah (Sarcastic) Smile”

  1. I have had occasion to work with a number of grassroots community organizers over the years. They are bright, caring, unselfish and committed. Nobody walks the talk like these dedicated grassroots workers. To this day, I have never met a finer group of people. I couldn’t believe Palin slammed them. I wonder what she doesn’t like about them — that they register people to vote, set up food shelves, develop city youth programs, and act as a voice and an advocate for groups of people who don’t have a voice? I guess I’m not surprised that the Republicans don’t understand grassroots organizations. After all, when you’re traveling to and from 7 houses, when would you have time to meet community organizers? (And don’t tell me that they deserve seven homes because they work hard to achieve the American Dream. The vast majority of us work just as hard to get one home.)

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