Ohio McCain-Palin Rally

I listened to the Ohio John McCain rally on CSPAN today. Prior to the VP introduction, it was a typical republican rally. Outside of the standard rhetoric regarding taxes, freedom and the military ( all of which have been completely ignored over the last 14 years by the Republicans,) the speakers talked about how inexperienced Barack Obama is. How much Obama will raise taxes. How empty his eloquent words and speeches are. How he can’t face the “violent Islamic attacks.” There were regular chants of U-S-A from the crowd, and the Republican speakers talked about the pivotal election, the serious challenges facing America, and the dangerous and uncertain times. Of course, they failed to say who is responsible for those challenges and who contributed to these “dangerous times” (whispered) the Republicans.

When McCain introduced Gov. Palin as his running mate, I think he stressed her “executive” leadership, so I assume next week there will be an addition to Barack’s lack of experience in that he doesn’t have “executive” experience.

My belief is that today’s VP pick is an indication of fear and weakness from the McCain campaign. Rather than choose an experienced known commodity such as a Romney or a… well, I guess there aren’t that many good candidates, McCain chose a desperation candidate. Three years ago, Gov. Sarah Palin was Mayor of Wasilla Alaska, a town of 5500 people.

Barack Obama is such a strong candidate, that the only thing the Republicans think can stick is if they say he is inexperienced. Funny that their candidate chooses a running mate who doesn’t have a fraction of the experience, both lifetime and political experience, that Barack Obama has. It is pure hypocrisy. Republicans say one thing then do another.

At the end of her remarks, Gov. Palin mentioned Geraldine Ferraro and congratulated Hillary Clinton. That proved in my mind that this decision was made out of desperation by John McCain. I don’t know, she may have been truly proud of those two, but I think she, and ultimately he, was trying to appeal to women who he thinks might have voted for Hillary simply because she is a woman. McCain thinks those women will vote for him, despite the fact that his voting record shows he doesn’t believe in equal rights for women or believe that women should control their own bodies. How shallow he must view women voters?

On a side note, I knew McCain couldn’t pick Tim Pawlenty. He is whiney and wimpy. He can’t even stand up straight half the time. He would get mauled in a real debate, just like he has shown signs of when trying to keep up with people on the Sunday morning talk shows. That said, I am glad he didn’t choose Pawlenty, because I think it would have given McCain a five point bump in Minnesota, now we can chalk Minnesota up in the Obama column for sure.


4 thoughts on “Ohio McCain-Palin Rally”

  1. Another anti-Republican rant with nothing positive to say about anyone and a whole lot of whining about people you don’t agree with…quite a contribution to the public discourse…yawn…

  2. First of all Joey, I’m not sure you know the meaning of whine, maybe you need to start reading some right wing blogs. Second of all, you are very wrong, I did say something positive, I said Barack Obama is a strong candidate.

    If you do not think my opinion is worth taking the time to read, don’t read it. There are numerous sites that are much more scurrilous than mine that will work you up into a right-wing lather. I’m the father of three young boys who just wants them to grow up in a strong America. Since the 1980s, Republicans have been trying to tear down a government that built a superpower. My Grandparents and the rest of the greatest generation worked too hard to build this nation, for so-called “conservative” oligarchs to tear it down.

    I know it is frightening that Democrats are finally leaving the turn-the-other-cheek strategy by the wayside after 20-plus years of filthy, scummy, derogatory, sometimes illegal, and bordering on the verge of obscene tactics by republicans, but you have nothing to criticize my opinion for. I don’t exaggerate or make things up. I give an opinion and I try to inject a bit of sarcasm in sometimes. Maybe you should rebuff my opinion with your own views rather than calling me “whiney” or a “hack.” Talk about not contributing, and I just wasted my time responding…

  3. Yes, many right wing blogs are whiny. There’s no arguing that point at all. My point wasn’t about them, it was about this post. Yes, there was a sentence that said “Barack Obama is such a strong candidate…”, but that’s about it for anything positive. That was my point. The post was little more than a rant.

    I think your opinion is worth reading or I wouldn’t keep reading it, but I think people get a lot more out of reading why you think Sarvi is a better pick than Kline rather than attack pieces like this. I’m not sure what kind of right-wing lather you think I want to get worked up into, but calling Pawlenty “whiny and wimpy” and saying that “He can’t even stand up straight half the time” doesn’t help anyone. And I’m not sure where McCain’s record shows a disregard for equal rights for women. Saying something like that about the first Republican to choose a woman as his VP running mate doesn’t make much sense to me.

    I want my future kids to grow up in a strong America too, and I’m okay with the fact that you and I don’t agree with what it takes to become a “strong America”. I don’t think you love this country any less than I do regardless of whether you want higher or lower taxes on the top 5% of earners.

    Democrats have hardly done nothing but turn the other cheek for the last 20 years. To say that Republicans have been solely responsible for “filthy, scummy, derogatory, sometimes illegal, and bordering on the verge of obscene tactics” shows blind partisanship. (One example that comes to mind is the Democrats – including the son of a Congresswoman – who slashed the tires of Republican get-out-the-vote vans in Milwaukee in 2004.) So yes, I do have something to criticize your opinion for. You’ve had some pretty even-keeled posts that I’ve enjoyed reading. But it’s hard for me to take you seriously when you make blanket statements like “Republicans are…”.

    There have been problems on both sides. There are criminals on both sides and there are patriots on both sides. Let’s talk issues rather than talk about who’s whiny or wimpy.

  4. And for what it’s worth, I just read your bio and found a few things in common.

    1. We’re both history majors (though my degree is a BS)
    2. We both went to UWRF
    3. We both have connections to Richfield (my mom and her siblings all graduated from there). You might know my uncle, Tom Johnson. He graduated around 1989 or 1990, I’m not sure which year exactly.

    And thanks for your response…I didn’t think it was a waste.

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