Pat Garofalo’s Frustrations Frustrate Me

This is exactly why our country’s infrastructure is crumbling and poverty is not just a problem, but a growing crisis.

I received Rep. Pat Garofalo’s latest “Inside Scoop,” the occasional email he send to constituents. This is how he complained about the sales tax increase that took effect the beginning of the month:

“To make matters worse, once again our area will see very little benefit from this tax increase. It is frustrating to see our area once again footing the bill to pay for other people’s government. Very frustrating.”

It is frustrating that it is so hard for Rep. Garofalo, and others, especially those on the right, who can’t see that our government should be working to make life safer and better for all of us. After decades of right-wing dominance, we might need to take some actions to make corrections. Very frustrating.